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any golfers here ? - Carers UK Forum

any golfers here ?

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anyone play real golf or online golf at all ?

i would often like to try real golf a try , but as i am so tall i have been told standard length clubs would eventually cause back problems as i would be bending to much in the back , and legs to compensate, as i am 6'7.
and i am not paying for custom longer clubs just to try out to see if i like golf or not .

though part of me does also say forget it , you already have more than enough expensive hobbies as it is , just spend more on the hobbies i have to better my self in them and do them more often.

So for a few years now i have been playing World golf tour online , and starting to hold my own in tournaments when i enter the special ones now an then.
and recently i was upgraded to their special club as it were , where your supposed to get specials , special tournaments etc that are not available to others.

Anyone here play World golf tour ?
if there is we could set up our own country club and hold friendly tournaments.

for those who have not heard of World golf tour, it is the most realistic free online golf game / sim that i am aware off.
of course you can pay for set parts if you so wished , like buying better equipment etc .
or do as i do and watch the videos to get the free credits , i open 2 windows up and run the videos in the background while playing a round of golf lol.

i will wait and see if anyone joins up or say they already play it , before i post my username on WGT
Sorry James, I can't help you there.