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Didn't have son and hubby's company for much of yesterday. Rob was playing in the final game of the Scottish Powerchair Football League. I can't go and watch as it lasts for around 4 hours or so and there are no seats and the organisers don't permit any seats because of "Health & Safety". Anyway Rob's team were runners up so he came home with a silver medal and they get turns each having the trophy in their homes. When Rob emails me a copy of the photo (from his bedroom to the living room lol) I will post it.
Theres just the Scottish cup to play for in May then the season will be over for the summer.

I hope you were able to relax a bit,then Eun. Congratulations to Rob winning a Silver Medal.
Eun, I can't believe that they won't allow chairs for people to sit on, especially at an event for disabled people!
Well done to Rob and the team.
It seems wrong that you weren't able to have a seat so you could go and watch.
Lifted this from your Roberts Fb page Eun

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Thanks Rosemary. There's a good one of him with the silver plate the team won so I willpost that when he sends it to me. He's out at the footie training tonight so on my own again - gives me a chance to catch up with my knitting.

Thanks Roseamary.
Eun, what are you knitting?
No1 Mum I'm knitting myself a jumper. I have a favourite pattern for a plain jumper and I knit it using different combinations of stitches from other patterns to make them a bit more individual. This will be the third one I've done. I have just finished knitting myself a patterned scarf with 4 different colours - it came out ok.

I used to love knitting, in the days when I had time. After my hysterectomy 30 years ago I knitted Aran sweaters for the whole family while I was grounded, including the OH who was 6ft 3in. Seemed to go on forever. Haven't done anything for ages. Sadly DIL made it clear that she didn't like hand knitted things, when she was pregnant. Such a shame, baby things are great as they are so tiny and quick to do. I still have the first jacket I made for each of my babies, now 34 and 36! So much love went into them.
BowlingBun,sad that your DIL didn't want handknitted clothes, I think babies look gorgeous in handknits. I was lucky, my daughter wanted her boys to be in handknitted clothes. Plus she had the blankets and shawls that my own mother had made for my children as babies(each of my three had their own shawl in a different pattern).The pram blanket was lined with material from the petticoat of my wedding dress and still looks as good as new,almost 30 years on! My late son had a lovely cardigan from my Mum with donkeys on it,my Mum had made the pattern herself.The cardigan was put away,as it was in such good condition, in case my son had any children of his own. I was reluctant to give it to my daughter for her elder son,but my son had died and would not have children,so I offered it to her,and my grandson wore that cardigan,which brought back happy memories.
As you say, there is lots of love going into baby knits.