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Teignmouth & Dawlish 2014 - Carers UK Forum

Teignmouth & Dawlish 2014

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Strange Sussex, I can see it clearly. I was editing so maybe thats the reason.
Can you see it now? Image
Someone has their work cut out digging that lot back Sussex!! Image
Good grief! Amazing pics, scary stuff though.
Amazing pictures, why isn't this in the news? Image

Hope all concerned are keeping warm and dry.
Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing. My eldest son said that this stormy weather is going to create an awful lot of work for an awful lot of people. In our New Forest area, there are some huge trees which have been blown over, the roots have simply come out of the ground, presumably the ground was so waterlogged it just couldn't hold the trees down. There's certainly going to be a lot of firewood available, once the ground dries up sufficiently to harvest it. Eldest son is friends with a gamekeeper on a local estate, he's already got his name on a few oaks which have fallen, and is muttering about buying a chainsaw with an even longer bar!
Due to flooding and landslips the West Country now has no rail links with the rest of the country. Not that you can actually get to a train station here as if the roads are passable due to the flood water then they usually have a few trees here and there lying across them!
Apparently we are due for a respite day tomorrow before the whole thing starts over again Image
Pete & Sussex - WOW Image

Pete - my friend in Seaton says that the front has taken quite a bashing, but I don't think it's as anywhere near as bad as Teignmouth and Dawlish ! Luckily she lives 'above' the town so hasn't been too badly affected although her daughter (stroke victim) lives down near the seafront and because of the weather has been housebound for a couple of weeks now - impossible to use her mobility scooter in the high winds Image ; my friend has been having to drive down most days after her daughter's carers have been to keep her company, get her shopping etc.
Amazing pics Sussex and Pete. Gosh! proper scary, saying my prayers for people to be safe. Hope it abates soon...Horrendous. The poor people!