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Not a Mrs Thatcher moan

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I have just read a text posted in the Scottish Daily Record regarding the death of Professor Robert Edwards at 87 and quoting the texter,"a man who brought nothing but joy to families across the country with his pioneering work on IVF"
He goes on to compare the other death of an 87 year "who brought misery to a large part of the nation by inflicting her social and economic damage"
I join the individual in querying which one of these two people is more deserving of a state funeral celebrating their life.
In this appalling society where money is still considered the way to judge others and the despicable greed and arrogance of others, i know which side my vote falls on when it comes to awarding the plaudits.
May this outstanding and wonderful man rest in the peace and quiet that his marvellous work so richly deserves, and may his surviving family always have the joy of knowing that his work has enriched the lives of others,
I for one would have admired the Queen much more if she had attended the funeral of this man rather than the outrageous and gross spectacle which will be broadcast ad nauseum on radio and television. Scott.
I am sure there will be many families throughout the world who will raise a glass to Professor Edwards.

In our home we are most definitely divided with regard to Mrs T Image I used to wind my ex father in law up about her all the time and apparently went o his death bed believing I was a strong Thatcherite and nothing could have been farther from the truth!!!

Bell x
I'm with you there Scott! What an lovely articulate post for such a deserving man.
Like you the greed that woman created with her right wing views and heartless doings, leaves me nauseated to have to be barraged with news reports about her and her funeral.

This crazy money mad world we live in, where pop stars and sportsmen earn more than surgeons and medics, or scientists who find cures for awful diseases like Aids and Cancer, is incomprehensible to me. Image
A last word about my post,on the news this morning the reports of this Thatcher business gets worse, now they are planning to name buildings after the woman, and planning a statue in London, yet another squandering of public funding on yet another statue of one of the most deplorable individuals this country has produced to go alongside Cromwell and the other statesmen who in effect were nothing more than terrorists of their time.
I'm reminded of a song by the Supergroup ASIA who open one of their songs with the lines, "they decorated all the generals, who fought the war behind the lines"
The sooner this disgraceful episode in our history is over the better.
Just don't watch the damn thing! Scott. Image
Boris wants his island airport to be called after Maggie!!! Image Image Image
Well, I certainly won't be watching the funeral. Got better things to do like looking after Dad. Couldn't stand the woman when she was alive, she certainly didn't help me or my late husband.
It beggars belief that this heartless woman is having this chosen hymn played at her funeral - "love divine, all loves excelling" Image
What also beggars belief is that the ridiculous people who deem it fitting to almost create a saint out of this woman, are proposing naming libraries and other assorted buildings etc after her.
I cannot understand the back to front logic of all this, i am completely staggered at the whole farce, what in the name of common sense must we do to stop this kind of lunacy, i am convinced that the evil creature is wherever she is and is smiling at the madness of these old worn out and washed up Tory grandees, whom a number of were responsible for stabbing her in the back, but are now going back to the hand wringing and wailing as if they have personally lost a leg or an arm.
She has been irrelevant for 25 years, and i'm sick to my stomach of the whole sordid affair, so on a happier and far more important note, in amongst the praises being sung about MT(we even had an insufferable deputy someone from America praising the woman) on The Andrew Marr show yesterday, wasn't it nice to see the man himself looking so well after his recent stroke.
A happy and worthy item on an otherwise gut churning Maggie fest.The very best to him and his recovery. Scott.
I can put my divorce down to that woman. I had to work three jobs and my ex worked one just to survive. Never saw each other. House almost repossessed during divorce. When I saw her on the news with tears in her eyes having to leave her house it felt like her karma was being paid back.

The naming of buildings, statues and anything else after her will turn those same places into targets. They will end up having to rename them as it will become too expensive to keep cleaning them up.
I was one of the Scots people who were close by to one of the "poindings" that the evil poll tax created, it was horrific to watch a family of four literally put out in the street with their worldly goods with no recourse through absolutely no fsult of their own, i will not resort to calling these people heroes as the tag is so easily labelled on anyone who does anything slightly out of the norm in the uk, however they were just a hardworking ordinary couple and kids, fortunately the poinding never went ahead as the family managed to get support from outside and this blocked the whole thing from going on, and it was probably one of the last of these Dickensian actions Thatchers appalling lackeys were able to try and inflict.
Similarly with IDS, his vile treatment of families with his bedroom tax will end with egg on his smug face and he will slither off to his directorships and his baronial home, to be ressurected when, after being thrown out of office, the next Conservative administration will return to ruin the country further.
The sooner the Thatcher monument is built and swiftly pulled down due to the vandalism which is guaranteed the better, this monstrosity should only be built behind closed doors where only those self serving Thatcherites like Blair can pay their homage in secret.
I for one will not use any public building anywhere that is re-named or named in her honour unless i cannot avoid it, and the first person with the gall to ask for any donations towards anything associated to her will be sent packing . Scott.