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Suspect advisory sites - Carers UK Forum

Suspect advisory sites

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Glad to see that one has got taken down a moment or so ok, thank you Mods. I was just about to report it for attention, too late but no matter.
Apart from advertising factor...I am suspicious of so called advice which charges heavy annual and or one off fees... And no contact tel no on websites like this, usually the first clue to cynics like me.

it's so easy to set up a web site, offer a service, put pretty pic on front and "references" from customers.
They often use the old personal experience line as reference.
Evil folk about eager to make a quick buck.

I am sooooo glad i am a cynic! And have not yet been conned. But always cautious. If it sounds too good to be true .......the answer to your dreams etc ...... Huh. Beware being conned.
I'm glad to say, that in the main, the mods are pretty quick to spot suspect posts Image
And those that we do occasionally miss are usually picked up by you eagle-eyed lot and reported Image

(As a point of interest we've removed at least a dozen or so in the last few days Image )
Ah, Susie, I remember the early days when a dozen a day was a quiet one, if somewhat graphic!! Poor Matt didn't know where to look.
Just out of curiosity, what sort of sites are we talking about? I mentioned one a while ago which has been absolutely brilliant in helping me wade through some stuff, everything has checked out, and double checked, perfectly. I have found another which has led me to a useful video of a someone who took a case all the way to the high court; a signed statement; and even links to the High Court Judgements themselves, all very interesting. I have read them carefully, a number of times, so that I understood the issue in question much better. (I studied Law as part of a degree some years ago). Rather than pay a fortune to a solicitor I have been able to establish the facts concerning something relevant to one of my carees, quickly and easily, without incurring heavy legal fees. They have both drawn my attention to areas of the subject in question which I was unaware of. As a result, I have been able to protect my caree's interests. There is a time and place for solicitors, and I have one lined up should the need arise, but my caree has limited savings. I have POA and a duty to spend the savings wisely, on the carees behalf. I came across one of these sites by chance, and wanted to share it with forum members, but then received a few warnings. I am just concerned that others who are concerned with the same subject might never find them. One makes modest charges, the other is completely free. The Carers UK helpline helped me with another matter along time ago, but they are not open 24/7, whereas the basic information on both these sites is available at any time.
In general we're talking about

(a) commercial sites that charge fees for information that is freely available elsewhere
(b) links that lead to pornographic sites
(c) 'Spam' sites i.e. the ones advertising fake passports or new kitchens for peanuts (we've had a few of those lately !)