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Re: iPod thingy

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Found Mark's iPod thingy in the filing cabinet yesterday and now have plans to take it to Devon. I can get it to play radio (which is fine), but there's only 1 song in the music section and I fancy putting more songs on it from the computer song library. No instructions with the iPod, of course! So am going to have a go and see if I can work out how to do it. At least I've got the radio if not.
Well, I may as well use it, might'nt I?
You are quite right to make use of it.

If you google the make and model and ask for instruction manual it should show the pages of instructions. Good luck.xx
Poppett beat me to it - thats what I was going to suggest Image
Ive done that quite often if Ive bought something secondhand and theres no instructions
Thank yooooo.
You should have iTunes on the pad.
You can search and download music from there,usually costs but there are other ways depending on what you want and how many
There are progs,legal,that rip the music from YouTube vids.
As long as it is for personal use usually no prob,many artists who dont want that will have protection on.
Take a look at site called Reverbation,new bands,music were ofen music is free
Lowrider - what PAD?

I was trying to get music until I got annoyed, asked daughter and she said just plug it into computer and it'll do it by itself. No, it doesn't. There's only 1 song on it from hubby's playlist and computer keeps saying that there isn't any more room for any more songs on the iPod. Of course, I don't understand (my own fault for not wanting to learn) and need my computer expert back.

I'll just take it anyway and listen to the radio instead. (nananana copping out!)
I have no idea, I can work my phone, and just about a computer, but ipods, I have to ask my boys..im clueless with them x
Is there any thing else on the ipod like music vids or podcasts they could be taking up memory space.
Sorry i read POD as PAD. Image
But still go to itunes and you should be able to get tunes otherwise simply create a folder in My Music,download songs to there when asked by PC then transfer to ipod
Nana, you can reset the ipod. That will clear everything off it and you should be able to download more than one track. But be very clear about what's on it first. Mark may have been using it as a backup drive and there could be files you want on it.