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Just discovered that there was a programme on ITV tonight called who cares, looking at care homes and CQC. If you've got Sky you can catch it on ITV+1.
I watched it, plus participated in the discussion on twitter as it was being aired.
I watched it too. It was quite scary.
It needs to be remembered that there are good homes out there too.
From my own experiences, CQC need to change their policy of not investigating individual complaints. Surely one person being abused is one person too many?
I didn't watch it. I find some of these progs depressing or upsetting. Having a daughter with special needs and seeing how some of these places treat people really, really gets to me and I also have an elderly Mum who I spend a lot of time with so anything about old people being neglected always gets me going too.
I have never seen a prog though about Day Centres. Some of those leave a lot to be desired and I'm not sure if they are ever checked in any way. I only saw an Environmental Health Officer checking the kitchens.

Until last year I was involved with a Day Centre for elderly people and that had really gone downhill over the years. The 2 female Co-ordinators were very bossy and wanted their lives as easy as possible. This meant not treating people as individuals and not giving them a choice in how they wanted to spend their time. They wanted everyone playing bingo, everyone watching a slide show of someone's boring holiday or everyone out for a ride on the minibus. People HAD to do what they said.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel strongly about this.
It needs to be remembered that there are good homes out there too.
You are right rosemary. There is more good in the world than bad, but its the bad things that seem to make the headlines and news Image RRB
From my own experiences, CQC need to change their policy of not investigating individual complaints. Surely one person being abused is one person too many?
I didn't watch the programme, was busy with something else. I did write a longish reply to the op earlier but lost the bloomin lot and cleared off to cool down! Image Image

A bit of a longish, rantish post coming so please pardon me in advance. Image

CQC DO investigate complaints on an individual basis. I shall explain below but first, need to say a few things.

I have written on here before about my daughter (caree) but will explain again as I know we have some newer members here who may be interested.

My daughter lived at home until last year, she has mild Learning Difficulties (LD) and severe behavioural difficulties. Because of her mild LD, she was offered very little in the way of activity, those with mild LD or physical disability tend to get overlooked.
We finally got her into the residential placement (outside London where we live) that both she and we wanted for her, the leading experts in their field with specially trained staff and management, they only look after people with my daughter's syndrome.

She lost her place after only 7 weeks as they could not cope with her behaviour, she was given immediate notice. She was moved to a secure hospital unit for people with LD (all degrees) in North London, this was on the advice of our then Social Worker who was insistent that she should not return home. We too could not bear the thought of returning to the hell that we had been living with beforehand but after Panorama, we were terrified beyond belief about what might happen to her in one of these places.

Daughter did not want to return home and why should she, she was 21 and wanted some life of her own. We took a deep breath and agreed to the placement at the hospital and it was the best decision we could have made. She has been at her absolute worst there but now 13 months down the line, she has improved tenfold. She is managing her behaviour better, her health is much better with her diabetes under good control, she exercises and looks forward to it, she can be specific about what her wants and needs are-we are guided by her.

During a time after the "honeymoon period" that was experienced, daughter made accusations of assault against the staff of the unit. I will not go into details for obvious reasons except to say that in our experience, CQC acted on her complaint appropriately. The relevant authorities were involved as was I and the accusations were thoroughly investigated, it was proven that the allgations were unfounded and happened during a time of psychotic behaviour.

I know that there are many areas where CQC have seriously fallen down on the job but they didn't with our caree.

Also as Rosemary says, not all homes are bad. Where she is now is run by a private company so yes, they are for profit. I have seen many strong opinions about this on this forum and in other areas and what I would say is this. Principles are all well and good but if the service that you need for caree isn't provided by local authority or health, what are you supposed to do? I feel not a shred of guilt or shame that my daughter is where she is, it was the best thing for her (she says so!) and for us. I have built up a good relationship with the staff, they now know all my daughters foibles after she practically brought them to their knees last year and now I absolutely want my daughter to stay within their care system. A private company has provided the care for my daughter that could not be found elsewhere, they have worked bloody hard to learn how to manage her and help her blossom and I would have a few words to say to anyone that tells me I am doing the wrong thing.

Maybe it is about time some of us who have had good experiences of homes whether for young or old, wrote about those experiences.

Just to finish my long ramble. My daughter is vulnerable, very. Her emotional state could lead her open to abuse, she was always over-friendly with people and got terribly disturbed when people were nasty to her. We were lucky in that she was ready to move out, she has 4 elder siblings and she wanted to be the same as them, bearing in mind she never went out on her own anywhere so was "protected". There was good reason for this, not just fear on our part but it must have been frustrating for her. Although a member of staff goes out with her, she now lives in the middle of the Tottenham riot area of last year. Do i worry? Of course I do, a lot, but I have to have some faith in her. How ill she manage her life, learn what to look out for, learn how to keep herself as safe as possible if we don't release the reins a little?

We hope soon that she will move onto another home, still secure but not quite as stringent as her present placement, she will settle there, we expect some major "blips" but that's ok. In a few years, I hope that she will be able to live in a flat with support..that is our goal and hers too.

We care. That's why we made the decison we did. The company that looks after my girl care too, they have proved it to me. Long may it continue. Image
I'm pleased to hear that CQC are investigating certain things well. My son receives a service registered with CQC. I have clear evidence that in certain areas the standard of care he receives is falling well below CQC requirements in relation to the management of his money and accounts. Frankly, despite many, many complaints, they are just not interested. At all.