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Follow on from Friday doc episode (roll call) - Carers UK Forum

Follow on from Friday doc episode (roll call)

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Meanwhile, the brand new PA can't get a flight from Poland until Monday, fair enough that's ok, but will need collecting Monday pm. I've booked and paid for a surprise visit to cinema to catch new Mr Bond film ...... for 1.30 on Monday, thinking at the time, that we'd have the other PA back (the one we've since sacked!). And the new PA coming in, should be working until 13th, when the other one comes back, but the agency has told us that she can only work till 10th, cos of flights home. So, bang goes my chiropractor appointment and day out with family in Tam on 12th, cos there's no way I can get hubby up and ready to leave for Tam, on my own, for 10.15. I've again cancelled loads of social stuff and pretty angry and disappointed again.

Cute news? - hubby got some get well cards through the post. A big, blue, grown-up boy, pirate one from our boy and a cutesy, pink rabbit with balloon one from our girly.
Should have seen hubby's face!

I was even going to go over to daughter's, drop her trousers off and then drive straight back, ready for doc phoning at 2pm. She told me off and said not to be a sillymummy.
I was under orders not to drive all that way, just for her trousers, so I didn't. Went to Bridgmere Garden Centre and bought another long jumper/dress thingy, but I did buy hubby a new (forgotten what I've bought without hoicking it out of the pressie cupboard) ......... tall, large flowering thing, comes in a big box at this time of year. Cos he loves those. Anyway, it's nearly black, well a deep, deep purple and looks delightful, if I can get it going and actually flowering that is!
Ah - Amarylis!
On top of that, one of my WI friends is moaning at me, cos we packed and delivered the Christmas boxes so soon (Christmas delivery deadline is 3 November). Now, the items for the boxes should have been brought to the last WI meeting, which most people did. She's having a go at me, cos she's got loads of stuff at home, which needed to go in the boxes. For goodness sake, it's not my fault that she forgot to take them to the meeting. I told her to box them up anyway and bring them to me and I'll take them over to the depot, they send boxes all year round anyway, not just at Christmas.
Of course, boxing up the items is too difficult for her to master, so she'd rather not do that! Now she's moaning that she's got all this stuff hanging about, plus 3 shoe boxes!
What the hell does she want me to do?????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I'm fed up of carrying absolutely everybody. Image
You've every right to feel angry, upset and aggrieved Fran, and before I'd got to the end of your first post I was thinking 'Amarylis' - they were Dad's favourites too, we always bought him one for Christmas - usually the deep red one Image Purple sounds lovely, I must keep an eye open for one next time I'm at the garden centre.

What a nightmare nana, I think I would be aggrieved too .
Nana, your WI person (certainly not a friend!) needs a kick up the backside. How dare she moan at you, of all people? I don't know how you manage to find the time to do half the things you do, given your circumstances. Pure grit and grim determination I suspect. You need a medal not another job.
Er, I'm afraid it was my Joyful friend Image Image
She turned up this morning with ...... 1 single shoebox.
All that flammin' fuss, she said that she had 3 boxes.
Perhaps the other boxes still had the shoes in? Image