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Happy Halloween - Carers UK Forum

Happy Halloween

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Image Happy Halloween everybody.
All Hallows eve...........Whooooooooooo!!!!!! Spooky.
Twas a dark and stormy night............... Image

I hope the Trick or Treaters keep away tonight as I haven't got any 'treats' in. Image
For the first time ever I'll have my pumpkin out Image Got the 'treats' in, just hope enough children call by otherwise I'll be 'treating' myself for the next fortnight Image
Happy Halloween Minnie!

Susieq, I've got sweets in just in case, I'm hoping no-one turns up so that I can treat myself though!! Image
I have sweets ready and some change to pop in their tin if they come. Not many children in our street as the others have grown up so maybe I'll have leftovers. Image
Not a soul rang our bell tonight!! Image
We got one spooky caller, and I tried to watch the DVD 'Woman in Black' with Daniel Radcliffe. Watched Bette Midlers 'Hocus Pocus' instead Image Image . Nite all, tis late.
Only 3 knocks on the door, shame really. Had all the sweets in and dressed up myself.
At least the 3 that did come out all made an effort even the parents which was great to see.
Oh well more sweets for the kids next week on the bus.

Maybe this is an American event that isn't proving very popular over here, just another money making venture for the businesses before they sap all our money at Christmas, then Valentines Day, Easter ........... need I say more Image Image
I enjoyed it anyways
Well I did quite well, got about 20 visits from various small witches, underage vampires and infant ghouls Image Image
thankfully all the chocolate treats went so I won't have to use them up Image Image Image
We dont like Halloween after having a bunch of scruffy looking youths knock our door.
They weren't even dressed up and I didn't like the look of them at all.
I stood my ground and gave them a dressing down saying ''Your not even dressed up, so why should I make the effort if you cant?''
They just stood there looking at one another, so I said ''Bugger off before I call the police.'' To my surprise they did just that, but I felt all shakey afterwards. Image
I was expecting a brick through the window, but nothing happened.

My daughter loved it and was all ready for the kiddies coming when she lived with us.
We used to get quite a few back then.