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Brill link, No1Mum. The bunny debacle had me in stiches. Kids can be such little monsters.

When I was about nine or ten I pestered my parents for ages for a dog; answer always no. So I got a lady to give me the runt from a litter she was about to drown, kept Rusty hidden for 3 days, mum found him on the Sunday morning. I then ran away rather than take him back to be drowned; got picked up by the police in early hours of morning. I was heading for Scotland, got as far as Bootle Docks. A huge manhunt had been launched for me. The road was full of lantern/torch wielding volunteers wanting to see the return of the prodigal daughter. I got to keep Rusty.
About 3 years later he got badly injured and died in front of the fire. Loads of weeping and wailing followed. But about 2 hours later my horrified mum discovered me testing to see if Rusty would stand upright on his own because of the rigor mortice.
6 weeks later me and my bros tried to dig him up to see if he was a skeleton yet. As the eldest, I already had first dibs on his skull. We never did find him; just as well.
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One of my girl budgies is called Sh*tbag!
The name stuck because she looks so sweet and friendly, fine when perched on a sleeved arm or covered shoulder, but as soon as she sits on my hand she bites like a b, causing me to call her......Sh... Image Image
Hello Sturdy, We have always been a budgie loving family, we have one that is knocking on 15!... he is the oldest little budgie I have ever known. How old is the oldsest you have ever had? They have usually napped it about 6/7 years old.

Graeme is a great name for a budgie. I have had a Dizzy, a Selwyn and a Chuckles!...The 15 year old one is just called "Bird" my boyfriend never gave him a name? He has had the bird longer than he knows me! scary!. xx
Hi Busymiss,
We only started keeping budgies again in 2012, so no oldies yet,- we did buy in a hen who was 3, so she'll be 5 this year.
There is a thread on the members only bit titled 'Budgies' with some pics of our birds and chicks, but I haven't added to it for quite a while, - thing have been a bit hectic!

Some of the names are... Fred & Georgina, (a lovely couple!) Draco, Headwig, Vi, Touble, Janet, Blue (original eh?) Cheryl, Fat Sam & HB (stands for horny b*.... just because he is! Image )
Ouch sussex! I'll stick to budgie bites ta! They can draw blood, but at least your fingers are still intact ! Image