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What a lady! Massive Respect... - Carers UK Forum

What a lady! Massive Respect...

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Meet the founding mother of Carers Uk.

Without this indomitable lady this forum would not exist. She was so indefatigable that she died suddenly aged 47; probably from exhaustion after all her campaigning for the rights of single people (like her who were carers.)
The first bit of legislation ever to do with carers rights became law in 1967 entirely down to her efforts. What a woman!

She is now one of my role models, along with Joan of Arc and Miss Marple as played by Margaret Rutherford. Combine all three together (minus the Rev bit) and that’s who I want to be.

I’ve tried researching her online whilst mum watched Deal or no Deal, but there’s virtually nothing on her specifically other than the CUK site and the Wikipedia entry for CUK.
I don’t know what it is about the name Mary Webster, but there’s loads of Rev Mary Webster’s alive and kicking today. One won some supermarket award in New Hertford, and one’s based in New York, to name but two. One Rev M.W. goes all the way back to 1700’s and Mary Webster was also one of the so-called witches in the Salem witch hunts; so she obviously wasn’t a Reverend.

If you haven’t already done so, and wish to check out Carers UK history go to the home page, Type in ‘history of carers uk’ in search bit (top far right hand side), a page will appear, about three red headings down will be ‘Our History’, click on that and voila!
Only 47? Good grief, she looks 67! Just shows how much younger we have all become these days!!

That apart, sounds like she deserves a bit more recognition - as do all carers, of course!!!!! Image Image
I suspect photo was taken way before she died, so she wasn't even 47.
But I've noticed this before, how old people look in old photos, even when they're kids. I think a lot has to do with clothes. Plus maybe they 'grew up' quicker then... whatever that means.
Check out Kowola's thread on Baby Caree's. They all look way older than stated (except for Sussex Rox's mum; she looks about 13) including my dad. I posted a photo of my dad and 3 work mates. My dad's 17, and the youngest was 15. They all look way older than that to my eyes.
Perhaps being in b & w has something to do with it?

I'd like to know what Rev Mary Webster died of/from; it just says 'tragically' on the CUK website. What does that mean? A car accident? Cancer? Or what?
This could be my imagination working overtime, but I think she's like Captain Walker. He died dead young too, from exhaustion. He so pushed himself over the limit looking out for U boats that his body conked out. She wasn't looking out for U boats, but I reckon all that publicizing her campaign/s had the same effect.I reckon she's turning in her grave about the Gagging law/order. She'd have been stuffed if it had been in force in her day.
I only know about Captain Walker coz my dad keeps goes on about him. My dad's only read one book in his life (biography about CW, when in the marines)... what is a corvet?
I've gathered it's some kind of ship (not a boat, or is that the other way round?)
Just look at those eyes: not to be messed with! I want to be like her, but I'd rather not die so young... how did she die?
Probably died of cancer. Weirdly, cancer was almost as taboo as venereal disease, and families seldom admit that that was what someone had died of. Even worse if it was a gynae cancer!
You reckon?
You're probably right, but I'd like to know. Don't know why, I just do. Can anyone shed any light on on how Rev Mary Webster died? I'd just like to know is all.
According to the official published history of Carers UK, Mary Webster gave up her work as a Congregational Minister in 1954, when she was 31 years of age, to care for her parents. Her father died in 1959, and her mother died in 1964, when she was 41. Her campaign work started in January 1963, with a letter to the Times, which generated significant publicity and led to the foundation of the National Council for the Single Woman and her dependants in November 1965. She died in 1969 at the age of 46, which does seem very young, having set up a very viable organisation with high-level cross-party support from people like Baroness Seear and Sir Keith Joseph, MP, both of whom were to prove very key players in what happened next. The first Director was Roxanne Arnold, from 1967 - 1975, a canny barrister, women's organiser, and finance expert. Carers Week was launched in 1969, as a National dependants Week, at which point we had 15 local branches. It must be admitted that we owed a great deal to the Women's movement: men as carers were not mentioned until much later!

I have no idea why she died so young, cancer would seem as likely as anything. Attendance Allowance was introduced in 1971, and ICA (Carers Allowance), in 1976. Lets raise a glass to her memory!
Here, here! I second that.
I've had a brill idea. Her cause of death will be on her death certificate. I think these are in the public domain. No idea how to look them up. Any body out there who knows how to do this?
Hopefully a death certificate will have her birthday on it. I reckon we should have a Rev Mary Brewster Day to celebrate her life and achievements. What do you think? She does seem to have rather faded into obscurity a bit, which seems a shame.

I have had recent cause to look through our archive which is held in Manchester which contains early minutes as well as press cuttings over our history. It's now in storage until they refurbish a new state of the art archive facility. I seem to recall reading that Mary had some (unspecified illness). We would love to be put in touch with anyone who has any recollection or connection with Mary - such an inspiration to everyone involved in the carers' movement.