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why, oh why did I agree to a pair of mad cats??

My previously tidy house is now covered in cat bowls, cat toys and cardboard boxes. I have mother and son, aged 2 and 1 respectively and now called George and Mildred. Mildred is very sweet. George is a bit of a wimp and won't eat. Keeps hiding behind the washing machine. Here they are with their original photo

http://www.celiahammond.org/canning-tow ... nd-nutella

George is the fluffy one. Would love to see other animal photos :D
Ahhhh!! So cute. :D

This is Alfie, the tequila cat. He has to be physically exiled from the house whenever the social workers or mental health team visit, as he attacks them mercilessly!
Ha ha, my sister would love them Anne, she's cat mad.

Heres our daughters dog Bumble. She's a brown and white Bearded Collie. We like dogs best in this house, but do like cats as well.
Bumble up close.jpg
Bumble up close.jpg (57.4 KiB) Viewed 2845 times
Bumble Bear.jpg
Bumble Bear.jpg (73.65 KiB) Viewed 2845 times
Both these are her as a puppy. She's about six now.
Sea dog Bumble.png
Sea dog Bumble.png (879.57 KiB) Viewed 2843 times
Sea dog.png
Sea dog.png (889.41 KiB) Viewed 2842 times
Here she is on board yacht Silver Slipper.
She's now living on board in the Carribean. Grenada with Wendy and Ian.
Anne, have you tried tempting George with the latest Felix sachets - I think they are called 'Crunchy Crumbles' or something like that - you put the main food out, and then sprinkle the crunchies over them.

My cat is now hooked, and will even eat stale leftover food providing it put a few sprinkles on it. (ON the other hand, he won't eat freshly opened food if I don't - unless I'm not looking of course ha ha!)

Do you feed mum and son separately I wonder, either divided by time or space? They are so territorial, cats, and Mum may be 'terrorising' George into not eating if she thinks 'All food is my food'......she will have to be Top Cat, too! George may need a nice safe place of his own to have his meals in.

PS - warning about the Crunchy Crumbles - they are the most expensive brand of Felix (!)
They look nicer than they sound.

I didn't mention I am not only caring for my brother but looking after his cat, who was a stray, is very greedy, is about 9 now with arthritis in one leg but very playful. My carpet on laminate flooring is popular:
carpet.jpG (111.07 KiB) Viewed 2841 times
Anne - thank you for the photo link. But oh, so sad so many cats still homeless. I want to take them ALL home! (and feed them Crunchy Crumbles!!!!!)
Adorable :D

Don't worry about George not eating - it'll probably take him a couple of days to get used to his new home. He'll come round when hunger gets the better of him :shock: You could, as Jenny suggests, try feeding them separately - that usually works.

When I first had Harry I gave him Whiskas which all my previous cats preferred - he had to be different and now only eats Felix (and he has favourites amongst all the different flavours they do - at the moment its the ones with veggies in !).