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School hates!!

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So...this Wednesday, the 26th, is the day some of our teachers go on strike, but it got me thinking... teachers have the freedom of choice to be at school (they chose that profession)... the kids on the other hand do not...

That being the case...what were your school hates. We all had them (even if you enjoyed school)....what did you wish you could have gone on strike over when at school?

Mine would have to be... START TIME... why do we need to start at 8:30am... way too early for my liking and was always such a rush to get there on time...

What are yours???
Being forced to eat mashed potato. Awful stuff! Served up in an ice cream scoop. It was elastic. We used to have competitions about how much we could stretch it before it 'broke.'
That sparked off another memory. I had my hand tied behind my back to force me to eat right handed. I ended up throwing food instead, for which I got the cane. Which I didn't I dinn't mind. Gave me 'street cred' as it would be called now.
School full stop. Hated the damn place. Cant say sitting in a class with spiteful girls in my infant and Junior school was much fun. (Rich area rich spoilt kids.)
Secondary all boys was better, but just 'cause my maths was bad, I was stuck in the 'C' stream with some real numpties for four years, yet I was very nearly top of my class every year!
I loved art, but the art teachers were Beatnicks and had no interest in teaching real art, only arty farty modern rubbish that any plonker could turn out! Image (1950's by the way.)
School for me was way too early, yet I was at the paper shop 6:45 and delivered 114 papers before biking it four miles to school for a quarter to nine. I was always late, so got detention and the cane quite a bit! Image
School days are the happiest days of your life? What a load of BO*^@>*S!!! Image Image
The bullying.

I loved most things about school, but hated the communal showers after games, and hated art. However hard I tried, it always looked like a 5 year old had done it. The art teacher also taught Technical Drawing, so I never did that for O level, shame really. Subsequently, I've drawn up plans good enough to be submitted to the Local Authority for planning approval! Instead of TD I did Russian O level. Never used it for anything other than writing out my Christmas lists in the Cyrillic alphabet, much to my children's annoyance!!!
Having to attend assembly and/or chapel, which were simply opportunities to shove Anglican or Catholic world-view right-wing propaganda down our throats. Made me a lifelong atheist, socialist, and cynic. Some of the folk in dog-collars put in charge of schoolchildren made Genghis Khan look like a pinko liberal softie. That, and four years of Latin.... two double periods a week of sheer, unmitigated Hell. I know what prison must feel like.
The 90% of teachers that were bullies and abusers.
Dissecting bull's eyes and frogs in Science. Still makes me feel queasy Image
I forgot pink custard.
seem to be in the minority but I actually enjoyed my school days Image

the only thing I didn't particularly like was communal showers after gym and those nasty navy bloomers Image