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Xmas countdown - Carers UK Forum

Xmas countdown

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Some will like this, some will hate it ..... Image Image

well, it's different Image Image Image Image Image

can't make up my mind whether I am in the "love " or "hate" camp Image Image


Whoops, bump, crocus, I think you say it all in your post Image Image Image
Whether we love or hate it, it's definitely on it's way and will be here before you know it Image
Well I will be spending most of the day together as a family.
We are hoping to give the dogs a special Christmas walk but I don't think they will see any difference to a normal walk.
My granddaughters are good in knowing the dogs must not be neglected and they will leave their presents for a couple of hours to make sure the dogs at least have a play should a walk be not possible.
Of course Dad will be remembered along with the other departed members of the family and the departed dogs.

I refuse to even think about Christmas until the end of November Image Image Image Image
I like your attitude susie Image
I used to be one of those people who had lights all over the front of the house, that was when we lived in a semi in Manchester and the kids were still 'ma babies'. I loved it all back then soooo much. I mean lighty up santas and reindeers the lot!! Five Christmas trees all over the house, rope lighting it took me ages, the kids loved it. Happy days.

Halloween was also decked out with lights and all sorts for at least a week, and I'd do all the neighbours kids face painting.

In this house in Cornwall....just returned to it after two years living in rented....I'll have the two trees, and a few select decks, and this year our daughter and son in law and baby grandson are coming to live with us until their debts are paid and they have the money saved for a deposit for their own home. Mixed emotions there....we never know what we want really do we? Bring it on Xmas fairy I can deal with what ever you throw my way....I think Image