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Happy Birthday JHR57 - Carers UK Forum

Happy Birthday JHR57

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Happy Birthday, hope you've had a good day. x x
Hope youv'e had a nice birthday
Happy Birthday!
Ooops nearly missed it
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday!
(sorry it's late Image )
Hope you had a good day
Thank you folks, yes we had a good day, we went to a place called Attingham Hall in Shrewsbury, my Brother organised it and we took Mum so a good family day. I must admit I sat and cried my eyes out once we had got home. Still it seems I have to hold it together for the rest of my family, I guess it was firstly that its the first birthday I haven't been able to share with my Dad on this plane, although I know he was with me on another, and secondly Mum didn't even have a clue it was my birthday and without my Dad she was lost. Normally he would tell Keith (my hubby) to remind Mum to get a card and of course Keith didn't and secondly for some reason she thought it was her birthday and just kept thanking all and sundry for her cards, even strangers walking around the beautiful gardens of this stately home. It would seem once a carer always a carer hey folks only this time I don't even get the measly Carers Allowance for doing so Image((( - I know money isn't everything but at least I didn't have to worry about putting fuel in the car when Dad was alive. Now Mums money has gone down considerably and they deem her able to look after herself because she is able to wash and dress herself. They don't seem to take into consideration I have to prompt her for everything, she wouldn't wash, eat or drink if I didn't provide it or prompt her to do so and her financial situation, well she wouldn't have a clue she thinks she's loaded when in fact all their savings were used up on Dads funeral - well hey ho folks onwards and upwards as always I suppose - thanks once again for the Birthday wishes xxxxx
Happy Birthday
Sorry I missed your birthday, JHR57, but glad you had a good day.

I too am fighting SS because mum can wash and dress herself after a fashion. Can't take tablets, feed herself, walk etc but apparently as long as she is washed she is OK .... Urgh!