I FINALLY got around to clearing out my inbox from the collected daily tsunamis of unwanted emails; plus “unsubscribing” like mad from sites I can’t even remember subscribing to in the first place :huh:
These daily email tsunamis got so bad, that I was beginning to get frightened to check my emails, so I wouldn’t for days on end; which of course made the problem of facing my emails even worse.
So, I girded my loins, flexed my index finger in readiness for ‘Operation Delete/Unsubscribe’, and gave myself repetitive strain injury in the process :S

It was either the above, or abandon my email address and get a new one. With hindsight, I think it would’ve been easier, and quicker, to get a new email address, but it’s done now.
With any luck, my email deleting induced gozzy eyes should uncross back to normal any day now :blink:

My fave site I unsubscribed from, which I NEVER subscribed to, was Patriots of America (or something) trying to flog me all sorts of weird & wonderful survivalist gear. How the hell did I end up with that site… tis a mystery?

But I digress… I kept coming across emails I’d missed, due to being ‘lost’ amongst all the other ones.

One was from an old friend (since rectified) but my fave was supposedly from Andy Burnham MP. I still don’t know how I ended up on Labour’s list, any more than I know how I ended up on the Patriots of America one :-???

Regardless, it describes how the Tories fillibustered a committee stage debate on the NHS.
He (or more likely one of his assistants) is clearly outraged (and rightly so) but describes it in such a witty way, that I both burst out laughing, and got angry, all at the same time… that’s no mean feat.

Anyway, judge for yourselves – Norse gods and Asterix the Gaul eating Cadburys Crème eggs washed down by Sunny Delight for God’s sake…..

(My name), do you remember the crucial vote to end Tory privatisation of the NHS we won back in November? You were one of the incredible 136,000 people who signed the petition that helped make it happen.

Well, since then, things have got ugly. Reeling from their defeat in the Commons, the Tories have come up with a new plan to stop our anti-privatisation bill: filibuster it.

Before the bill can be passed, it has to be scrutinised by MPs in the "Committee Stage". But rather than discussing the bill, Tory MPs are deliberately wasting time so we can't get any changes agreed — and that means the bill can't go back for the final vote in the Commons.

Here are just some of the topics — completely unrelated to the NHS — that Tory MPs have been "debating" in the two days they've meant to have been talking about our NHS bill:
• Asterix the Gaul
• Affinity for Creme eggs
• French sociologist Emile Durkheim
• Tactics in the Napoleonic wars
• The history of papal doctrine
• Norse gods and their relationship to the Tory logo
• Drinking habits of William Pitt the Younger
• Medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer
• Bringing candles into the committee room
• Why sleeping pills say "may cause drowsiness" on them...
• ...and popular '90s soft drink "Sunny Delight"
It's clear they're going to pull every dirty trick in the book to stop us getting our bill passed before the election. So if we want to end the privatisation of the NHS, we're going to have to do it ourselves, in government.

Really… How? I am awaiting a reply. I shall not hold my breath.