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Happy Birthday Bowlingbun - 29th February - Carers UK Forum

Happy Birthday Bowlingbun - 29th February

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Hope you have a great day - will you be celebrating today or tomorrow :?:
or maybe both :?: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Happy birthday from me too, and thanks for all your help.
It definitely deserves two days' celebrating.
Happy Birthday my friend and thank you for your support and help over the last few years without your intervention I would never have known Mum should be exempt from Council Tax and we would still be paying it xxxxxxx
Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely relaxing day planned.
Happy Birthday Bwling Bun -hope you have an enjoyable day
How lovely to be still four years younger than you are (!!!) :) (I don't think I've ever encountered a Leap Year birthday person before!)

Although I know that you are still in mourning for your mother, I do, do hope that this coming year brings you 'ease and relaxation and enjoyment' as you reclaim your own life for yourself after so, so, so many years of dedicating it to your parents and inlaws. You deserve 'your own life' so, so much now!

Kind regards, Jenny

PS - hope you get a lovely birthday cake from your grandchildren!!!
Hi Bowlingbun,

Hope you enjoy your special day, and somebody finds you some cake. Knowing you, it will have been home made, by yourself. You are always so organised.xx
Happy Birthday :D
Happy birthday - i think you need some serious celebration this year :D
Thank you to everyone for your good wishes. I decided to have a "me" weekend as much as possible. As sewing is my No.1 hobby I gathered together all my half finished projects in need of zips, linings etc. and drove to the nearest decent sewing shop (20 miles away) to get all the bits I needed. They had most, not all, of what I wanted. I now know it's easier to order zips online! There were lots of charity shops near the sewing shop, and I found a skirt with some fabulous sequinned fabric just right for one of my forthcoming projects, I want to make a light jacket to go over my sleeveless dresses when I'm in Crete, the evenings can be chilly after the heat of the day, and we usually dine outside. Once home again I unpicked it all, it was one of those tiered skirts so masses of fabric, and I've just ordered a suitable pattern from ebay. Unfortunately, my left hand is now very sore as a result of the unpicking, I have arthritis so should really do things more slowly.
I made a simple Victoria sponge with lemon curd filling for tea, after steak and chips (fortunately steak is on special offer at the moment). My sewing/dining room has patterns, projects, and fabric all around. Mum used to love sewing, and always enjoyed seeing my latest creations, when I had time to sew. Now I have time again, I feel mum is smiling down on me as I work.