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Happy Birthday, Bowlingbun

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i gather its your birthday. happy birthday and thanks for posts which helped
Near enough!?
Ant, Dec and May are arguing like mad. They can't make up their minds if you're a Yellow Seed Human, or a Blue Resonant Monkey. That's the trouble of being born when no calender accepts you. Personally, I'd take 1st March too as my Birthday.
But try saying that to a bunch of Mayans.
They do not accept the 29th Feb... period!
So, which is it. Depends. Where you born at Sunset or what? Now what sunset?

Now May has gone and complicated things; Minoans celebrated the moon too, but in a different way. That complicates things.
I never knew birthdays were so..... fraught!
Happy Birthday to you
Ouch! A prickly pear ... happy soft something from me.
Many thanks for all your good wishes. I made a really determined effort to do as little as possible. M. and I went round some gardens open to the public, lovely to see the crocus, daffs etc. There were gravel paths, so fine underfoot, but everywhere is still so wet. Followed by a steak for tea and a long relaxing bath, then read a book about Crete. Only nine weeks until my holiday now!
Belated birthday greetings, Bowlingbun. Image

Sounds like you had a nice birthday. Crete is a beautiful island and very sunny. Lots to see and many beautiful plants - you'll have a great time, I'm sure. After so many years of caring for other people, it's great you have a proper holiday to look forward to.
Belated birthday greetings.