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How rich Tory MP's 'claim' Housing benefit too... - Carers UK Forum

How rich Tory MP's 'claim' Housing benefit too...

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So, the richest tory MP ends up over half a mill richer because of HB; hummm!!

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ri ... z2uJLkNbvB
The effect of selling Council Housing - a Tory policy introduced by Thatcher, was to encourage people to buy their council houses. Many of these families - hit by job vulnerability or illness - defaulted on their mortgages and the properties were then repossessed at a loss, and sold at auction at knock-down prices to wealthy private landlords, who then rented them back at much higher rents to their original social tenants: completing a vicious circle whereby the wealthy profited greatly and continue to profit from state subsidies. Its rip-off Britain, and who gets blamed? The poor. Who pays for it? The squeezed middle: i.e. you and me, through higher taxes and higher rents.
A classic pincer movement. Make those who have the least turn on those who have the next amount to lose; and you don't have to do it. Because they've done it for you. Clever

A good point in case is the Social Security bill of a 100 million. The media has made this synonymous with Unemployment. But half of this is for pensions, paid for, hardly benefits. Only 7% is for unemployment. The next biggest slice is for HB... ditto above. And over half of the HB bill is for people in work. Doesn't that say more about the state of wages in this country than the state of benefits?
So much for making Work pay.
For all the rhetoric, I think the opposite is true.
Mass unemployment suits governments. And we now have mass unemployment. Just a decade ago, 1 million got headlines. Now it 2.4 million, and that's good!
Until some sea change happens over unemployment, then we are cattle. Who say's 'hard working' is good?
What is hard working?
Slogging your guts out just to have food, maybe, on the table? If you're lucky.
And we fight for those scraps too. Now that's undignified!
There's been an awful lot of fuss about people having rights without responsibility; I think the opposite is true. There are too many with responsibilities without rights.
IDS, I'm going to be dead honest now; piss off!

And why haven't you replied to the point I made to you: How come if someone earns more than £100 your Department stops everything; it's not even stepped.
And you're the guy that wittered on about making work pay.
You're a hypocrite... no wonder you can't look anybody in the eye.
The main problem with IDS - and his chums - is that he isn't very bright and neither are they. If you start from a position of Ideology, based on supposition and prejudice, then it all seems so simple: trouble is that he didn't do his homework, and now it is all going belly up. Watch this space.