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No way could I sit here - Carers UK Forum

No way could I sit here

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noooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Image

click to enlarge to see how high he is....lol
Neither could I! It makes my stomach go all funny....
Oh why? Image Why would you want too!.....its got a huge crack.....he must of noticed as he'd have had to step over it!!!!! Image
You're right Jane! didn't notice that before!
I'm hopeless standing on anything higher than a chair!!
I'm not too bad at heights so long as they don't move! Did the glass bridge in Grand Canyon which is around 4,000 feet up easy peasy. Not 100% sure about this one though!

Bell x
makes my knees go week just looking at ! Thought i was brave for going up the cable car to the top of mt Teide in Tenerife !
Been on the Eureka sky deck in Melbourne. Its the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and has another experience called The Edge.

Check it out http://eurekaskydeck.com.au/the-edge.html

Its a pod that you stand in and it slowly takes you out the side of the building, along with mechanical sounds that you hear like creaking, whirring and whining as if its breaking down. All of a sudden when you are fully out you hear the sound of cracking glass ( I should tell you that the pod is made fully of glass, floors, walls and roof which is all opaque). You then hear the glass smash and the opaqueness is removed to reveal the ground below (300 metres). When I was there I turned around and there was a helicopter hovering next to The Edge waving at us. If anyone is in Melbourne at all at anytime I really recommend it, even if you dont go on The Edge the skydeck is still great.
OMG I went all horrible looking at that, does anyone else feel if they are standing on something high they are getting drawn to the edge? Its a horrible feeling