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A Poem for carers - Carers UK Forum

A Poem for carers

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Why do we or how do we put up with or stand: -

the lack of sleep when the caring is 24 hours
the heartache of watching somebody you care about get worse and worse
the feeling of uselessness when you are unable to comfort them or help with the pain
the lack of memory of what a hot coffee or a hot meal is
the physical effort to lift them, putting aside your own aches or even just steady them on their feet
the pain you cause when you dress or undress them
the smile you make when you know that the swearing or nagging is not the person but the pain talking
the comforting you have to do when the doctors say sorry nothing we can do
the loneliness you feel when family members turn and walk away not understanding even though it is their brother or sister
the relief you feel when finally they fall asleep, which sometimes feels like guilt as it means you can have 15 minutes just for you, closely followed by the awareness that this could be a long night
this is just a short list but for me the answer is: -
The smile she gives when the pain eases due to help I have given
Her face in the morning to discover she has made it through the night
The laughter we share about things other people cannot understand, because if we didn't laugh we would cry
Her company, because whilst she maybe ill and restricted she is still my best friend
because I did say in sickness and health, (just think she is taking sickness a bit far now, only joking!!!!)
but mainly not only because I love her but beyond the tears of pain there are tears of happiness and joy and there just for a second is the person I married all those years ago.........happy, healthy pain free...damm it's gone until next time but its worth the wait that's why I care.

Thank you and welcome to the forum.
Thank you Chris - welcome to the forum Image

Family members turning away - yep same here!
Too true. Thank you for sharing your poem.
Thank you, chris, for sharing that, and yep, from me too, the family walking away!!