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knee walkers suggestion

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A week ago I had surgery on my leg, and now I'm thinking about the means of transport for the first time of rehabilitation.
I heard about knee scooter or knee walker.
Can someone help me to search it?Maybe good article or useful link.
Hi Danna, welcome. I've had two knee replacements, never heard of a knee walker though. Tell us a bit more, and we should be able to help. Between forum members we have a number of joint replacements!!
I googled "knee scooter" as like Bowlingbun I hadn't heard of them either !

I got a lot of hits but they do seem to be quite expensive for something that you'll only probably need for a few weeks (£160+). It also looks like you can hire them at varying weekly rates which might be a better option. It might also pay you to check with your local Occupational Therapy department to see if they can provide one on loan on the NHS (free of charge).
This is definitely a question for the consultant who did the operation, or a physio or OT who works with him.
Personally, one of these would have been useless for me in my little cottage, but it's so dependent on someone's own situation, the exact nature of the op, etc. etc. I had two crutches for a while, then one. I also used a mobility scooter for a while, which was wonderfully comfortable, but I couldn't get it in and out of the car.
(Can't believe how many different things like this are available, yet I've never seen one!)
Thank you guys for suggestions and tips. ;) :P