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Hair colours lol

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Pet66 wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:01 pm
I've taken [hubby] a photograph in, me and him at a dinner/ dance. My hair was Auburn then. One of the staff commented about my red hair. He told them it's not red, it's Auburn! That was a lucid moment and I felt quite emotional.
That made me smile Pet. My mum had beautiful auburn hair when I was little, it then skipped a generation to my No1 son. Woe betide anyone who called her ginger, it was Auburn! No1 was so relieved that his son was mouse brown like me.
BB - by the by - does your son know that there is an annual Clan Gathering of Auburn -Haired in Ireland (as red hair is only ever Celtc!)? I ask because a friend of mine, with red hair, has TWO red-haired son (despite having a dark haired hubby!) who didn't know about the Gathering.

Red hair is PRECIOUS in the human gene pool. As I say, only the Celts have it, as far as I'm aware. Even more precious than blonde hair.
My hair in younger days was brown with lots of Auburn streaks throughout. My mother's was the same. I didn't care for it as a teenager! Dad was very fair haired.Eventually I enhanced the Auburn parts with hair colouring. My mother went steely grey with age. I hoped it wouldn't happen to me. It didn't, I am silvery white now. Can't say I like it, but its the least of my concerns these days. I go to the hairdresser once a month for a cut and style. That's it.
My husband telling a care staff that my hair in a photo is Auburn, not red, made me think of hair colours etc. Mindless thoughts, but better than the sad ones that can overwhelm me!!
Daughter 1 is very fair haired, daughter 2 has the same as mine when I was younger. Both have the colour enhanced. Older grandaughter has dark hair and younger one is very blond, naturally. Grandsons have dark hair. How the genes arrange our colouring etc.
Boring post but I enjoyed writing it!
Red hair is not Celtic but brought to Scotland and Ireland by the Vikings, I think. Celtic hair is usually dark.
gave up colouring mine years ago Pet !

As a teenager mine was a chestnut sort of colour, over the years I coloured it every shade of red you can imagine from carrots to deep magenta :shock: (Dad was a ladies hairdresser and had his own salon so I had free access to all the colourants available :D ). Mum's hair was very auburn in her youth; Dad was bald (!!) so never did know what his original colour was but judging from old photos I think it was quite dark. My sister was also very chestnut in her youth, but is now a sort of dark strawberry blonde - due to the tint she uses ! One of my nieces has very dark brown hair and the other is dark blonde

When I started to go grey I did colour it to hide the grey strands, but that took up too much time and, to be honest, life is too short to worry about a few grey hairs ! These days I'm very grey at the front and sides (as you can see in my avatar) but the back is still quite dark - I actually wish it was silvery white all over like yours :D
I always have mine coloured properly before I go on holiday. Inevitably at some time during the holiday there is a "How old are you" conversation.
I always start by saying "I'm 16 and a half" as I was born of 29th Feb, that gets puzzled looks, laugh, then pause as they multiply 16 by 4!
On a recent holiday I was sat next to someone who thought I was younger than her, and she was 56! I just say I've got a good hairdresser and beautician, but mum had lovely skin, even in her 80's. Also, living in a relatively pollution free National Park certainly helps, and I never smoked.
In theory I'd like to stop having it coloured, especially as it grows incredibly quickly. My hair is also ramrod straight so I have it permed as well, have done more or less continuously since I was 16. When it's straight I honestly get depressed, it's so much prettier wavy.
In our family we have one fair, one brunette, one redhead and one mouse
Guess which one I am? :lol:
I always thought it was Celtic (a variation on, as you say, the mostly dark-haired Celts), and that the Vikings were only blonde and blue-eyed!!!

I guess on the basis that blonde hair and pale skin evolved for folk in northern climes who need to make Vitamin D in their skin easily, red hair must be even more 'pro-pale' as the skin burns even faster than that of fair folk??

I feel an urge to hit the Wiki button and waste half an hour on Internet research now!!! :) :)
Where I stay in Crete, one of the Cretan owners is red hair. We were sat together in the airport waiting for an incoming flight, so I asked him where it came from. Apparently the ancient Greeks had red hair too, and I know I have "Greek" toes, i.e. with the second toe longer than the first one, sometimes also called Morton's Toe.
MrsAverage wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:10 pm
In our family we have one fair, one brunette, one redhead and one mouse
Guess which one I am? :lol:
Just from your user-name it has to be mouse. :mrgreen:

Mine is still mostly brown, there's a few grey ones in there but you have to look hard to find them, my beard however went snow white many years ago, (although it does have a few rogue black ones in there).

Funny things beards, there was a chap lived across the road from me a while back (he was a bit strange anyway as he had a beard but shaved his 'tache off - and that's always struck me as odd), he had white hair and a ginger beard. :huh: