For whatever reason, sometimes people just don't want to talk and I think we have got to respect that, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable. It would be nice if everybody was up to speaking or even just greeting but hey - ho, there is always somebody else to smile at.

Jenny, the issue I have with the "Aspie" tag is the assumption that goes with it, ie it summons up the image of a robotic individual who is unable to function in any kind of social interaction, an oddball. I'm not particularly PC, but I do dislike people being grouped together like this for our convenience, which is what it tends to be - I feel that we should refer to the people as individuals, and not compartmentalise them according to the "disorder" they happen to have.
It kind of reminds me of the old "spaz" term that was used for those with Cerebral Palsy - if an individual with it wants to use the term then it's their right to do so but to call an entire group of people this collectively would be wrong, even if it is used in an "endearing" light-hearted fashion. I don't see Asperger's as any different really, apart from it being a MH issue rather than a physical one.

Hope that helps to explain things.