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great start to the New Year - not - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

great start to the New Year - not

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Pretty gruesome.
Wishing you all the best. Give Robert a hug from me..
I did a couple of nights last year in that kind of chair when Jo took sick with Diabetes and I couldn't sleep in it either...
Hi Eun, horrible start to the new year but at least now young Rob seems to be getting some decent care. Makes me so mad that it is always such a battle for you all. Hope things continue to improve and you and Rob snr are able to get some rest too.

Bell x
Eun, glad things have improved a bit for Rob and your good selves.
It makes me so wild how you get treated by some hospital staff these days. What the hells wrong with them? How long would it take them to turn him for gods sake!
They could have done it while they were arguing with you!
I do hope he's back home asap and your lives are back to 'normal', whatever that is for us Carers. :?

Hope the rest of the year is much less eventful.
Sorry Eun, have only just seen this post.

Hope Rob is on the mend now he is with the right care team.

Not on the same scale as the care you and your husband provide for Rob, but I had issues on two occasions over hubby`s care whilst in hospital in Inverness. Both times had to go to the top of the tree to be allowed on the ward to attend his needs, both times having been told they were a busy surgical ward and had no time" for skin care management nonsense". Always had GP warn them by letter in advance the intensity of the care he needs and they had agreed it was OK until we got there. I felt like a battleaxe at times but when I overheard the OT say after his hip replacement he would soon be putting his own socks on I completely lost the plot as he had an accident in 1999 which means he can not bend down anywhere near to sock putting on. One of the juniors met me later in the tea shop and said I was like a rottweiller on a broken chain.............I took that as a compliment.

My good wishes to you all.xx
I'm a pussycat most of the time, but Rottweiler as required.