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great start to the New Year - not - Carers UK Forum

great start to the New Year - not

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Just in from the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. We had to phone for an ambulance on New Year's Day as young Robert had agonising abdominal pain and nausea. They think that he has pancreatitis. He is exhausted, dehydrated and not eating but they have him on a drip. He had a scan this afternoon to check if he had gall stones (he hasn't) so its a question of keeping an eye on him in hospital while his body fights this off by itself. Don't know when he will be getting home at the moment. Hubby and I spent last night "sleeping" in 2 upright chairs. They are taking son down to the High Dependency Unit tonight (simply because he uses a ventilator for some reason this seems to freak hospital staff out, lol). Hubby came home and slept this afternoon and I will be sleeping tonight and going back up to the hospial around 6 in the morning. Will let you know how he is doing when I get a chance.

Sorry to here this, Eun.

((((Hugs to you both and to Rob))))

Sorry to hear this Eun. Definitely not what you needed right now.
Hope young Robert gets all the support in hospital that he needs Eun; and hope that you and his Dad manage to get some rest in between hospital visits.

(((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) for all of you.
Hopefully with the IV in he should start to feel a lot brighter Eun, I certainly hope so. Does the ventilation or the DMD itself interfere with his ability to have analgesia? I know your last experience in the hosp with Rob was a better one with staff, so hopefully they will get his pain under control, pancreatitis is really horrible.

Update when you can x
Hope Rob feels better soon. And hope you get a chance to have some rest: I know how hard it can be. I used to think I could sleep on anything, but hospital chairs turned out to be beyond even my sleeping skills!
Firstly the Surgical Ward did not want Rob because they have 14 patients and don't have time to turn him and provide the level of care that he needs. So he was passed like a rather large and very unwell parcel, to the High Dependency Unit who have been trying to get him out since he went in! I had an argument with the staff there this morning. The amount of times Rob needs turning is not because he is being awkward as they seemed to think it is because he has DMD and a spinal fusion! No DMD boy can spend two hours lying in the one position as they were wanting especially on his side which constricts his breathing and makes the ventilator alarm go bonkers! I pressed the buzzer and they said they weren't turning him as they were having a teabreak and anyway he's not the only person on the ward and they have two nurses who are pregnant and can't do any turning at all. Oh and they also have a lot of paperwork to complete. They then left the room. 35 minutes later no one had come to turn him so Rob asked me to press the buzzer again. I told him that they already knew he needed turning and they would be back but then I got it in the neck off Rob saying that I was taking their side and not his (very unfair- I am up at that hospital from 7.30am to 7.30pm every day and hubby does the nights). So I gave in and pressed the buzzer and got it in the neck off the nurse who said you have already pressed the buzzer we will get there when we get there. After she left again Robert then did the Puss in Boots expression from Shrek (you know - the one with the big pleading eyes?) and begged me to turn him myself. I did so and hurt my already very sore back. Nurses finally came back and saw that I had turned him myself and gave me grief for having done so. I ended up in the loo blubbing like an idiot!

Well the High Dependency Unit got their wish - Rob is getting kicked out of there tonight to guess where? The Respiratory Ward I had to make a complaint about 2 years ago because he was treated so badly. Well I am telling you now they had better not give me any crap tomorrow because I am just in the mood to give them hell and point out their duty of care (again).

Lordy this is a war and peace post sin't it - thanks for letting me get this off my chest, See Rob sr can manage to keep his mouth shut I however can't especially when I see them treating my son badly. Anyway I better get the dishes done and then head for my pit!

Eun, why don't you drag the Chief Executive into this? It's his/her hospital and they are failing Rob and you and Rob Senior. If they don't have enough staff to meet his needs then they should b*****well go and find some more!
Went up to respiratory ward this morning prepared fora fight only to discover that all the "old Guard" that I had made the complaints about 2 years ago are gone. He has a single room and its all new, young staff - they couldn't do enough to help us. This is the best treatment he has had since he went in 5 days ago! Dr Davidson his respiratory consultant has said that he wanted Rob under his control from the start as the surgeon can be a bit "if in doubt whip it out" with regard to Rob's gall bladder. The surgeon also wanted to shove a camera down Rob's throat to check things out. This is a bit of a no no with Robert's breathing difficulties and with either of these procedures Rob would most assuredly end up with a trachy which would change our lives completely and which Rob is trying to avoid for as long as possible. So we seem to be in the correct place at last! Only issue so far is that there is some unfortunate soul with Alzheimers or dementia who was shouting for the entire night right up to around 11am this morning so no one got any sleep last night! I feel a lot better (as much as you can feel I suppose) about him being in hospital now. I just wish he hadn't been passed from pillar to post in the first place.

Eun, the relief comes over loud and clear in your email. So pleased for you. Hope you can get some better sleep now.