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I just had a thought...if I get one of those bobbin things with four nails in the top I don't need to knit anything!!!...I can sew it altogether when I have done miles an miles of the bobbin knitting an make it into a baby cardigan!!

Will start now if I need miles an miles Image
Wonderful news Tilly says a grandma of 7 now all grown up and making there way in the world. Fortunately they were spread over 10 years. The eldest now 27 and the youngest 17. So many memories of times with them growing up and they don't forget to keep in touch. I went to Brussels with one grandaughter just before xmas so the young and old can still have fun together and she is asking where are we going to go next year!
With the eldest now married waiting to be a great grandma. With difficulties it is taking longer than they or I would have liked. Hope this is just the start for you.
Congratulations Tilly, lovely news!
I have 4 step grand children and love them to bits!
The eldest was born in my house, with me playing midwife Image

I can knit, but can't cast on or off, I could never get the hang of that for some reason Image My Nan used to start me off, then when the scarf was long enough, finish it for me Image Image
That's great Tilly, grandkids are brilliant Image
Wow !!

I am amongst some seasoned grandma's here then!.

The macmillan nurse rang me this morning and she had some lovely ideas that I am going to use. I am going to make a little photo album and write little captions under each photo..I don't want the baby to remember me as the " grandma who was in bed poorly " . I don't want her to think that cancer was my life, I have had many many wonderful years before Cancer. So I need to dig out all of my photos of me as a little girl and growing up.
I have photos of myself trying to do all on my bucket list! I have been to Lourdes , I have seen Swan Lake!! I have walked through Central Park!. So this new addition to the family will look at these photos and think of me as some happy go lucky pain free woman Image

A very happy Tilly
I'm a self taught knitter Tilly, I've never used this method but I know it has worked for others prop a book of knitting illustrations up in front of a mirror to reverse them and learn that way, alternatively there is a lot of literature on the internet including some good tutorials on you tube.
Tilly, as well as making a lovely photo album of Grandma Tilly you could also make a little memory box, a lock of Grandma's hair there are lots of different mementos you could add to it.
Hi no1mum

That is an amazing idea!. I will try it and I am looking on youtube now too. I love the idea of a memory box thankyou Image

http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinfor ... rybox.aspx

Tilly, I don't know if this page might help with ideas for a memory box. x x
Thankyou no1mum