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Good Reads

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Hi folks,

please post books you have read and enjoyed here. A bit of info about the book and why you enjoyed it would be great.

Great thread Melly

Audio books are great for me because I can do other things while listening!

My book shelf is mostly text books and how-to books.

A few fun books ;-

That Old Gang of Mine - Leslie Thomas
Florida, the retirement towns
Pensioner robbery gang
Great fun read

A Cat Called Birmingham
Short stories about a daft cat, hilarious antics.

Spike Milligan's book of Silly Verse
Let it fall open and enjoy the silly verse on the pages showing and get back to whatever.
Viking & Saxon sagas
Brutal times, great adventures, gritty life
Banter, battles, blood and gore!

A few authors I follow who are very well researched with great characters.

Peter J Merrigan - Ailigh Wars saga, brutal.
Merrigan transports you back in time in edge of seat battles. .
Merrigan toys with the reader.

Bernard Cornwell - The Last Kingdom Series.
Lengthier read, gripping battles, great banter.

Conn Iggulden lengthier reads, great battles.
Autobiographies of heavy metal rock stars.
Gritty rock and roll life behind the scenes.

Recollections may vary due to substances that may have been consumed!
I love the idea of the Cat book Breezy.

Conn Iggulden? Read all of his books. Love the Khan series and the Ceasar series.

Do not know where to start as Chair 2 Book Clubs and am a member of the third but here goes.

American Dirt Jeannie Cummins

About the Drug Barons in Mexico. Main character is married to a journalist and has 16 of her family shot in front of her. She hides with her little son. There is so much corruption in Mexico she has to flee. This book is about her journey to the USA with a group of others. It is a hard book but the author is such a good writer, she drew me straight in. It is a book that stayed with me, long after I had finished it.

The End of Men Christina Sweeney- Baird

This is about a virus that kills 90% of men. The A and E Consultant who first discovers what is going on is not believed at first. Just think about the affect on Society. Our police force, army, legal system, medical system. How will they survive without men? Imagine being pregnant and knowing if your baby is a boy, there is a 90% chance he will die. Of course work on a vaccine has to happen. Again drew me in. Maybe slightly long but the affects on different women of different backgrounds made it a very good and thought provoking read.

More later!
Metamorphoses: A New Verse Translation
inspired by Greek and Roman mythology it is epic and is the inspiration for many artists of differing genres even to present times, sculptor Berlinde de Brucykere and assemblage artist Michael DeMeng.

Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic -Stevens, Mark
Gruesome but good

The Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond
Nice read. No spoilers, just enjoy!

Dracula - Bram Stoker
A great classic
Helena the cat book is laugh out loud funny.

I am liking the sound of American Dirt but preferring the Mexican side of it.
The End of Men was featured on the radio and had spoilers and killed it.

I'm pondering on detective stories can you tempt me to any Helena?
My taste is somewhat lighter than Helena's but I do like those novels with a historical twist so - in no particular order

Author: Lucinda Riley - all of her Seven Sisters books - an ongoing saga of 7 adopted girls. Each book tells the history and story each girl. There will be an 8th that tells the story of the man "Pa Salt" who adopted all of them due out in Spring 2023. She has also written many other books all in the same genre where the story skips between the present day and the family history of the main character. Unfortunately Lucinda Riley died in June 2021 so the last book in the Seven Sisters series has been co-written by her son using her started manuscript and notes she left behind.

Author: JoJo Moyes - The Ship of Brides - a fictionalised account of the transportation of Australian war brides to England in 1946. I knew that British war brides were transported to America at the end of the war but didn't know about the hundreds of Australian women who had married British solders serving in Australia and the Pacific being transported here.

I'm currently reading Jojo Moyes latest - The Giver of Stars about a group of disparate women running a mobile library in the mountains of Kentucky and the difficulties they encounter to keep it running; only 4 chapters in but so far, so good.

Author; Santa Montefiore Too many to mention ! Have enjoyed all of them; like Lucinda Riley her books skip between present day and the family history of the main characters. She has a new one out "An Italian Girl in Brooklyn" and I'm eagerly awaiting the paperback version (hard backs are too heavy !!!)

Author: Phillipa Gregory All of her Tudor history series delving into the history of the Tudor kings and queens and covering Henry VIII's relationships with each of his 6 wives.

Author: Barbara Erskine - probably her best known work is Lady of Hay. again her stories skip between the present day and a period in past history. But they are a lot "darker" than Lucinda Riley or Santa Montefiore's books usually including a ghostly presence that endangers the main characters.

And then of course, there are the glorious Terry Pratchett's Disc World books - all of which I've read many times over :lol:

And if you like "cat" books I wholeheartedly recommend "The Silent Miaow" by Paul Gallico. Sadly out of print now but 2nd hand copies are easy to come by on Amazon or ebay. It is purportedly written by a Mama cat for her kittens
The Silent Miaow is the classic instruction book for all cats, based upon first-hand feline experience. Inside it contains all the information that every cat should know, such as: How to win a way into a household, take over a family and achieve control over each member. How to select a family and what to look for. How to move in. How to establish total and unquestioned sovereignty over the most comfortable chair. How to obtain the choicest food. How to treat visitors. How to conduct a romance. And, finally: How to pass all this wisdom on to the kittens.
I love a virtual library. Thank you.
I have a few favourite authors but don't often get the chance to read, except when away on holiday, although you never know...

Jeffrey Deaver - the most twisted writer I've ever come across. He takes you on so many twists and turns you have no idea what's going on. If you want to end up confused, this is your guy.

Bernard Cornwell - I've read a lot of his books and the historical detail is brilliant: he even corrects the history where he's adjusted things to fit his narrative at the end, and provides more historical context. But the battle scenes are so well written you can't stop turning the page.

Ed McBain/Evan Hunter - tight writing style, believable plots and characters with the dry sense of humour of Raymond Chandler.

Terry Pratchett - just my sense of humour, and with an outlook on life that nails the state of the "roundworld" through his tales of the Discworld. He recommended reading them in no particular order, and I accidentally picked up a relatively late entry with The Wee Free Men. Read it in a night and kept waking Gill up laughing. :oops: