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Hi All,

I am currently designing a product inspired by my research in Dementia and would really love if you could have a read through and give me some honest feedback / opinions. Below is brief overview of where the project is going:

So originally I started to research into Dementia, I got numerous insights of problems throughout the different stages and what effects it has on the person and their families. I completely understand that peoples experiences can be completely different in relation to what type of Dementia is diagnosed and other circumstances. Although through my idea generation I kept going back and feeling for the family caregiver with the emotional strain they go through.

This is where my project comes in. I want to create an audio memory photo album. I am aware of the book available on unforgettable.com but this one would be quite different. The aim for this is to be a transferable product so at the beginning, the creation of the book via online photo-book generator (like other generic website photo album creators) will act as an activity that the person with dementia and their families can do together. It will consist of slotting images into a template but having the ability to record audio ‘onto’, a photo in the book. Therefore the person with dementia could be describing the photo and this will be recorded 'to the photo'. I aim for this stage to be at the early end of Dementia where the person is still fit to remember the people or events in the photos. (even to prompt people who don't have Dementia to think about this as it is a nice thing to leave behind for loved ones)

When the book is printed and sent to the persons house, it will be accompanied by a stylus (pen type pointer). By pointing the stylus at a photo in the book it will ‘pick up’, what audio was recorded online through the making of the book then be played out loud via the speaker in the stylus, i.e describing who or what is happening in the photo.

At this stage, the book acts as a reminiscent conversation cue for the person with dementia.

Down the line when the person with dementia sadly passes away, the book is then passed onto the family and will act as a sentimental gift from the person with dementia to help the families grieving period. Knowing this was created by your loved one in itself is a nice sentiment to have as well as the handpicked photos and audio memories kept.

I have attached a PDF file to show briefly what I mean by the book and pen function.

Again I would really appreciate any comments / opinions you have on my progress. Thank you.

Best Regards,



Not really my area but two thoughts.

It will need to be really robust to have any hope of surviving.

It will need to be completely recoverable from the cloud in case something happens to it. If I lost something like that from my loved ones I would be devastated but being able to recover it would be wonderful.