Girl Brownies camping & wearing her jacket

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My daughter made it off to her camping trip away but I had a battle with her just before they left, in the end one of the leaders set her aside and told her firmly why she needs her jacket. My daughter was point blank refusing to put her jacket in her backpack, arguing with me that it is likely that there will be no rain the whole time they are off.

The leader then set me aside to tell me that I should be explaining to her why they need their jackets but, I can't think of how to say it so she will understand, plus, it made me feel uncomfortable having these leaders tell me what I need to do, because I tried but dd wasn't for listening :(.
Hi Mirren,
I'm sure they didn't mean to upset you and were only trying to be helpful.

When S was little I made my own version of a social story about this sort of thing. In the beginning I used real photos and simple text, as he got older I used pin drawings/comic style. I would read it to him regularly and it really helped.

Something along the lines of:
When it is cold outside (photo/drawing)
My Mum/Brown Owl/best friend/ TV character (someone she looks up to or is interested in) puts on their coat. (photo/drawing)
I need to put on my coat (photo/drawing)
I fasten up my zip. (photo/drawing)
Then I'm nice and warm. (photo/drawing)
My Mum/Brown Owl/teacher says, "well done." (photo/drawing)

You can read more about this strategy here ... trips.aspx It's suitable for children with a range of needs.