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Girl Brownies camping & wearing her jacket - Carers UK Forum

Girl Brownies camping & wearing her jacket

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Hi guys, I am new here and my first post is regarding my 8yr old daughter who is going off on a camping trip from tomorrow until Saturday so I am just wondering, what should I pack or have I forgotten amything.

So far I have packed her:

Clothes to last her that length of time
wash bag with toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap and Body Spray
PJs for the night time
a spare set of trainers and wellies (In case its boggy or rains)
fleece jacket
waterproof Berghaus jacket which has a hood she can put up
A couple of wooly hats

Hopefully I haven't missed anything out.

The other thing I need advice on is, getting dd to fasten the jacket because I know that the leaders will require her to fasten it so, should I get a leader or another brownie to fasten it or try and get her to try and do it herself?
Top priority should be making sure that everything is clearly labelled, and I mean everything! Toothpaste, toilet bag, soap box, EVERYTHING! I've only recently realised that open ended zips are designed for right handed people. If your daughter is a leftie, teach her to pull the slider up with her right hand. So much easier. Hope that helps. I once ran a Brownie pack of 24 girls single handed 1,000 miles away from anywhere in Australia!
Sleeping bag?
Oh yeah Ayjay, that would be handy lol, I knew I forgot something that was essestial.

Any advice on getting her to fasten her jacket?
I would suggest having a quiet word with Brown Owl. Maybe one of the other girls could be asked to quietly support your daughter?
When I worked in the Guides International Chalet in Switzerland, it took me three days to find out that one of the girls on my dining table was totally blind!! I felt incredibly stupid but Bernadette (50 years later I still remember her name!) had a close friend who just helped her without saying anything. Incredible team work.
Your daughter needs to know it's OK to ask for a bit of help now and then, as we all struggle to do something.
Mirren_1904 wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:26 am
Oh yeah Ayjay, that would be handy lol, I knew I forgot something that was essestial.
I wasn't sure if she'd need one, 60 years ago we weren't allowed under canvas until we were Scouts, (i.e. older).

Extra socks: if it's wet, you can never have enough socks. I distinctly remember one long weekend camping when it did nothing but rain heavily for four days. By day two, everyone was in underpants/swimming trunks and plimsolls, everything else was just wet, fortunately it wasn't too cold.
Waterproof over trousers if bad weather is forecast. I bought some for my grandson in Mountain Warehouse, about £6.

Are they going to be under canvas or in a church hall or....?
Be sure to check, although Brown Owl should really have given you all a checklist of what was needed by now!!
I am a bit worried about her not fastening her jacket so, should I speak to the leader to see if she can set her aside to explain why we want the jacket fastened up :)?
Will she actually be under canvas and sleeping on the ground? If so, a few extra old t-shirts and tights to go UNDER the PJs - it can get really cold in the early hours of the morning!

Also, if no campbed, waterproof groundsheet and a blanket or fleece to go UNDERNEATH the sleeping bag (my father's favourite camping tip was that one blanket under the sleeping bag was worth two on top!).
if you are worried about her coat zip, then definitely mention it to the leader. If its chilly I'm sure they will make the girls dress warmly. However, it looks like the weather is going to get warmer as the week progresses, so she may not even need a coat especially if they are running around and playing games.

What happens re her coat at playtimes at school?