Eun wrote:Knitting and colouring in. Used to paint in oils but too messy and takes to long to dry.

Eun ... knitting helps me too! I am hurrying along trying to complete a pair of socks for son for Xmas. He loves them and has about 6 pairs I've made now.

I tried to interest my DD in an adult colouring book for when she's stressed but she wasn't interested. It's a shame because I thought it would help her.

I used to teach art/crafts for Adult Ed and for the last few years worked with older people. I used adult colouring books to encourage people to have a go .... But there was nowhere near the choice of books that there are now. I also used to draw a picture myself and photocopy it for a few to try together. Most of them went on to watercolour painting after a while, sometimes with me drawing a picture for them but others would do it all themselves. It was great to see them "blossom" and many of them got so interested that family members were buying them paints, paper, brushes etc for birthdays and Xmas.