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"Getting away from it " ideas - Carers UK Forum

"Getting away from it " ideas

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I need some inspiration and thought some of you might like to share you good ideas
My usual categories seem to be :-
Dog walking

What other things do you come up with to get away from the caring routine for some time out?
Sleeping ,drinking.
'Time out' is so important but not always easy to achieve. When I was looking after Dad I found the only way I could switch off was to immerse myself in something I enjoyed. If I moved away from the phone I felt guilty to start with but it was better for me too. The answerphone was always on.

A 30 mins swim or 20 mins walk around the block was good for my body and mind. Knitting, jigsaws and puzzles were mentally absorbing and I could be put them down quickly if necessary. Novels didn't work for me as I'm the kind of person who needs to sit and read for hours at a time without interruption.
In no particular order;

Meeting up with a friend for coffee
Being outside
Soak in the bath
Listening to (loud) music in the car
It can be an expensive one, but there are loads of good deals out there.

As a super special treat... I like to go to the spa. No special treatments but just time to sit and relax with my friends. It is the only thing that really empties my head of thoughts.
I lose myself in books. Always have a book on the go.
Knitting and crochet
Walking with music in ears
I used to love yoga but haven't been for a while and never seem able to motivate myself to do it on my own.
Dog walking, cinema matinees and nail bar manicures work for me. A friend bought a book of coffee shops in London and is working her way through them.... although I think she has revisited a few of the better ones rather than risk an unknown.
I'll go with Melly's turned up music.
Plus: have a dance to it, who cares what you jiggle at or how you look. It's perfect exercise.
- reading
- listening to music
- walking
- chatting with friends online and offline
Knitting and colouring in. Used to paint in oils but too messy and takes to long to dry.