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Transparent prank wall with cats . - Carers UK Forum

Transparent prank wall with cats .

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Hi ,anyone know the make of these pussy cats .
I think there at least two different breeds there David (maybe three) the grey and the ginger look like British Shorthairs and the white ones look as though they could be either long hair domestics (moggies) or maybe kitten Maine Coons (adults are huge !) - but I'll copy the You Tube link to the Pet Forum I use and see if any of the breeders on there can be more specific.
Hi Sue ,thanks for the reply ,nice kitties whatever make /breed they are.
General consensus on the other forum is that there a couple of Munchkins (very short legged breed originating from USA) and one or two Scottish Folds (the tips of their ears are "folded" down).

Personally I think the grey tabby and the ginger could be British Shorthairs - not sure about the long haired ones.

Someone else commented that they think they are known on You tube as the "Cream Heroes" and that they live in Japan,
Found at reddit: "Cream Heroes is a Korean YouTube Channel based around a butler and her seven kitties, with over 2 Million subscribers, the day to day lives of the cats is enjoyed by people around the world."

The shorthaired cats look like American shorthair to me. However, at the same site I found this:

"Took some digging but I found this.
Apparantly, DD is a Norwegian Forest Mix, TT is a British Short Hair Mix, Coco is a longhaired Scotch Straight, Momo Persian exotic short hair, Chuchu long haired Scottish fold, Lulu Munchkin mix and Lala is Munchkin."

I had not heard of munchkins.
Apparently called sausage cats.
Thanks for the replies ,you could spend several lifetimes just looking at cats on the interweb :D :D