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Ps are we barmy or what!!??!!
Joan_1501 wrote:
Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:47 pm
Ps are we barmy or what!!??!!
Yes, virtually barmy.
I'm struggling to catch up with you all as weighted down with Christmas Pudding!

So what did Santa bring you? What does one need on a distant planet?
I think weightless dancing will be funny, but probably better than my earthly efforts :lol:

Will the air make us speak funny like laughing gas?
:lol: :lol: :lol: Joan.

Mrs A, depends where you are talking, I guess.

Abby, good job we are all virtually barmy, you need to be to survive caring.

Happy Christmas fellow virtual travellers.

Did we all enjoy our planetary presents, my moon boots for perfectly.
Is it time for the evening drinks and knees up now?
Did your planet suffer from global warming?
Yes Albert it was quite warm on our planet but not too hot. Just glad I had the grass skirt on!!

And No.1 you fancy hitting the dance floor with me? I'm just an old bird but can groove on down with the best of them. What do you fancy doing? The spaceman walk (or have I just made that up?) Xx
Dance floor it is, we can make the dance up as we go along 😂😂
Sorry I'm a bit late but I'm just tagging on to the back of something that looks like a bit of a conga going round one of the biggest craters in site, I'm not sure who or what is at the front of the chain of dancers. There are little tables every few feet to replenish the refreshments- also purple :shock:
My dogs are thrilled with their gifts. The purple aliens gave them some bowls of food which magically keep refilling themselves and they are strapped beneath their noses a bit like a horse bag.
I'm loving the maltesers and the cheeses- a perfect mix. Have you tried the native fruit- yes you've guessed purple and the shaped like a bell, full of ready made wine?
Does anyone know if it is compulsory to go back to earth?
We can stop here indefinitely.
I sampled some very strange purple and yellow cakes, made me feel rather jolly.
Who's for karaoke 😁