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Forum virtual Christmas escape 2018 - Carers UK Forum

Forum virtual Christmas escape 2018

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Hi all,
last Christmas we all went to BB's in the New Forest for a virtual Christmas escape and the year before we had a tropical island sanctuary where we virtually met up.

Who fancies doing this again this year?

Any ideas of where? (As this is imaginary, it can be anywhere, we can do whatever we fancy and invite whoever we like.)

It's my turn to host our real family this year so I wont be able to come to the virtual one, I'm sad to say, as I will be mostly in the real kitchen :ohmy:

But may I suggest a quick zoom to an outer fantasy planet? I'm getting the impression most of us need a break and this is far as my imagination goes. The local aliens could be recruited as waiting staff perhaps...?
Well its not imaginary but we are spending Christmas day in a local Indian restaurant.
Just for a change :D
I was only thinking of that the other day Melly but never got round to posting. I do hope some of our members who have joined us in the last year will come to the party . As I have a full day planned to stop any thinking time creeping in :D I will gladly come to the evening party once my other jobs are out of the way.
I am wondering what people will be virtually wearing this year. I think I will go for a bright cheerful red dress in a nice cool fabric and of course my dogs will be coming with me too. Ratbag dog will be wearing a silk muzzle so he will be very friendly and big dog will just be virtually snoozing- same as last year so they won't cause any trouble. They've never been off the planet before so they will be a bit nervous about another planet. Are the aliens friendly or do they eat dogs?
I'll get Scottie to "beam me up" in the evening. I trust we won't be weightless, or that might make wearing a dress a bit risky!
Being weightless means we can eat what we like and not gain weight yippeee :lol:
Another planet it is, then. No need for a rocket to get there, unless you fancy a guided tour round the Galaxy. Just click your heels three times, like Dorothy and you will arrive/ leave.

Since we will be weightless and not gaining the pounds, what food would you like? NASA have agreed to provide the food, if we say what we'd like.

Martian mallows
Jupiter gin
Moon cheese
Saturn onion rings
Having posted about the sunshine today, I think we need a sunny side on our Christmas escape planet too. Close enough to the sun to feel the warmth, far enough not to fry!

Celestial cocktails are being prepared to offer guests as they arrive, do pop in over Christmas if you can.