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Forum name or first name? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Forum name or first name?

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It never entered my head. I had been known as "Pete the Paint" at work for years, so just carried on using it on here. Image
I dont use my real name either, one of the reasons is the same as RRB. The other reason is due to my line of work/where i live i dont want to be identified if possible.Its difficult to explain but im sure everybody would understand if they knew. But, after saying that, i know there are many people on the forum that i know i could trust. If somebody stumbles on who i am then so be it, i know there is a good chance that could happen, hopefully they wont give me away to the ''real world''.
I've been asked by two forum members not to reveal their true identitys and I have asssured them that I never will.
I add my real first name to private messages, but on the board I prefer to be somewhat anonymous as I dont want what Ive said to get back to hubby, and also, like india I could be easily identified if I let out too much information.
It doesn't bother me too much either way, I don't care who uses my given name as long as my surname is not common knowledge-I never give that out.

I have been guilty of occasionally calling other "forumites" by their given name but only if it someone who has been around for a long time and their name is usually known by others.

If it was something that occured constantly on the forum then it might be a problem but it doesn't so I don't see a problem. There are no "cliques", new members are always welcomed and I think anyone using a forum for the first time realises that some of the people there will have been around quite a while and know a fair bit about each other!

There is only so much that can be done to encourage new users on any forum and I think this one is especially welcoming.
If I knew the name of the forumite I'd call them by their first name unless I was told otherwise.

I hadn't really thought that much about it to be honest.

Although I have stopped using facebook and I now use twitter with a nickname although I am easily traceable, for example, my trustee profile on the main CUK website.

Personally if a potential employer googles me I'd rather them see my trustee profile rather than an expletive tweet moaning about Preston North End or a photograph of on facebook with my friends looking slightly worse for wear Image
I prefer to be known as my forum name on here, because for some reason it makes me feel more at ease to talk.

Some members know me on facebook and email and I am grateful that they use the name that I use depending on whether we are on the forum or elsewhere. This also helps to keep my caring role just to CUK.

I'm still confused who some people are having changed their user name on here recently, so please don't start using your proper names or you will have lost me completely!!
I use my username when signing off on the forum but if I am using Private Messaging on Carers UK I use the short form of my real name. My real first name is a double barrelled two christian names which is (9 letters-8 letters). It also involves an unual spelling which people would not realise or not use, which is why I use the short form.

Little Lamb
RRB - but are you on Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep? I think Sturdygirl is and so is Bluebird! You might find Ladybird on there, too, but only for half the time of the others.

(silly nananana!)
Personally, it doesn't really bother me if I'm called by my real name or any of my usernames. In the area where I live, it seems that everyone and their dog knows more about your life than you do - so it's a welcome break to come here and vent whatever I want to get off my chest without the fear that I may be judged and whatever I say will be talk of the town tomorrow.