Forum Christmas Party 2016

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Aha, the Christmas conga, last seen heading off over the horizon

Oh well, better get on with the clearing up.. what a mess , you debauched lot. How could you leave such items? ;) ;)

Oh so there you are BB, I'll just go get my cozzy. The clearing up can wait
Well I'm stuffed to the gills after all that food :blush: Won't have done my blood sugars or my waistline any good :shock: but hey ho got another 52 weeks before it all comes round again :lol: :lol:

No need to clear up MrsA, the Christmas Fairy will be along when we've all gone home and she'll do it all with just a wave of her wand :D
I've had a lovely time, great to meet so many forum friends. I really enjoyed the scrummy food and really, really enjoyed all the alcoholic refreshment (Hic). Can't wait a year for the next one, so please can we reconvene for the summer solstice or any other excuse, good, or otherwise, to do it all again?
Lovely party - great to meet everyone. Swimming in the sea at this time of year, or should I say any time of year, is a distant memory for me. Good fun - roll on the next one. :)
104 posts