Forum Christmas Party 2016

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I think it's time we started preparing for the online Forum Christmas Party -

I'm off food shopping later so what do you all want in the way of 'nibbles' ? (I don't drink so I'll let someone else get the booze in :shock: )

Shall we stay at home this year or would you like to go back to the virtual desert island we visited last year ?
On line Christmas Party sound like a great idea Susie. I wasn't at last year's party but would like to join this time. Like you Susie, I do not drink so I wouldn't have an idea what to stock up on - I would probably serve everyone with lemonade sized tumblers. On second thought maybe I would be a very popular bar person.

Lots of party snacks and nibbles available in shops like Iceland, Tesco, etc. Keep it easy going so no-one needs to do more than heat things up in the oven or serve cold.

Looking forward to hearing more about the party. :)
Oh yes, forgot to say Reindeer ears, flashing brooches and earrings are all mandatory - along with chrissie sweaters - especially the ones with Santa, Snowman or Robins on the front :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hi Susie, I loved the desert island last year, lots of warm sea swimming for a "fish" like me. What shall I cook for you all. No cook lemon cheesecake, Dundee Cake, or a rich fruit cake soaked in sherry with home made marzipan, royal icing etec.? Votes please. (Assuming the fridge is working?)
I wasn't at the party last year either. Will have to look for some earrings! I love garlic mushrooms. Can be More piggy wiggy with them.
I was on the island last year and quite fancy a revisit :D

Bbun, lemon cheesecake for me please.

Violet, I like the idea of those tumblers, I will bring the gin, tonic, lemon, lime, juniper berries. Gin tasting bar will be set up.

Oh, and I am already in the mood, thanks to a work event, I am wearing a reindeer jumper today with matching earrings.
BB, Lemon cheesecake please. Yum yum. Xx
I haven't been before, but can I come along too? I can bring a homemade christmas pud :D
Emma_1507123 wrote:I haven't been before, but can I come along too? I can bring a homemade christmas pud :D
Everyone is welcome :)

Who's going to do the decorations ? We ought to make the palm trees look festive :o :lol: :lol: :lol:
This sounds a good idea . I think I'll start drinking now to keep up with rest of you.
We've a!ready started the mince pies and mulled wine.
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