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Hi all
Whilst I was shopping this morning I had a call from D's school. The school nurse told me D had a sore thumb as it was trodden on!!!!!!! I asked how this could of happened Image and apparantley the class were queuing up and there was a lot of pushing and shoving, my D was pushed, she fell down and someone, accidently, trod on her left thumb Image She still wanted to go to swimming after school and if she needed a pain killer do I give my permission for this to be administered? I said yes.
I dont know if D will bring home a note regarding the accident,if not, then I will be writing to the school, as I am getting a bit fed up, I bet the year head is thinking' oh no why did it happen to this student', because they should know what I'm like by now. Shes only been there 6 weeks Image I feel as though I am turning into a female Victor Meldrew, ggrrrrrrrrrr
Watch this space. best wishes RRB
When my physically disabled son was in mainstream primary school (quite a while ago now as hes now 27) I received a telephone call from the school saying that he had had "a fall". This perplexed me because my son was strapped into his wheelchair - how on earth could he have a fall? What had happened was that the able bodied kids had tipped his wheelchair over with him in it - he hit the ground face first and broke one of his front teeth. This should never have happened as he was supposed to have 1 to 1 with a support worker. When I queried this I was told that "It was her turn to make the tea for the teachers"!!!!

hope you get this sorted out rrb.

Eun, what an awful thing to happen, how cruel Image
Hope you get this sorted RRB.

Thank you India and Melly Image

Eun, that is an awful thing to happen and unacceptable Image did the teachers enjoy their tea I wonder Image

My D told me she came out of Maths, then they were queuing up to go into geography. There was pushing and shoving in the queue,my D got jostled fell to the floor and a boy fell on her thumb ( not stood on) and my D said the geophaphy teacher saw this and said nothing to her Image but teacher was cross with some other children in the classroom and sent some back out for talking. Its half term next week, so I dont know whether to write yet another letter when she goes back, as if I do mention the teachers indifference to D ending upon the floor? then I'm sure she will view it quite differently to how my D told it to me. A frustrated and somewhat annoyed RRB
That is awful RRB. I do hope you get it sorted out!

Best wishes Jane Coulston
That is awful RRB. I do hope you get it sorted out!

Best wishes Jane Coulston
Thanks jane Image RRB