Beast from the East

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Well how is it where you are? quite sunny here this afternoon but cold. I've dug out some thermals for tomorrow and turned heating up.
Drove 115 miles from the East to the West and back again today. Bright , sunny and cold everywhere. The gritters (which spell checker changed to fritters :D ) were out on the roads on the way back.
Larder and freezer stocked. As long as electricity stays on should be ok. Am going to charge the portable mobile charges just in case it does go off. Couldnt cope without internet, , on line scrabble or candy crush :blush:
According to the BBC online weather map we're not expecting anything much over 2c for the next week and a half :shock: So, yes it's bl**dy freezing here !

At least I ended the winter quarter in credit with my power supplier so can be 'generous' with the central heating :D
Very cold. Went slightly warmer when I left hubby. Blue sky and sunny. Still cold though. Apparently going to get worse. I have heating on, left it on low when I went out. Back home, changed into Jim jams! I'm watching back in time for tea. 1960s. My family weren't that posh and affluent.
I'm in credit with fuel too. Thank goodness.
susieq wrote:
Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:34 pm
According to the BBC online weather map we're not expecting anything much over 2c for the next week and a half :shock:
but if that 2cms falls on the M25 at rush hour we will be gridlocked. Panic and chaos will ensue, the BBC will have nothing else to report on and the rest of the world will laugh :silly: :silly:
Very very cold down in this SE corner!
Not looking forward to the potential snow. Now my lovely dad is a bit better, I am trekking up to the hospital everyday after work to pop in and see him. Snow will just make that so much more difficult, and I can't get stuck because of mum at home lol
I won't be going far, afraid of falling, with my knee replacements and doing some damage. Stocked up with food, mainly veg as it will be too cold to harvest or distribute. Most importantly, lots of fabric, thread, and patterns in stock for a Sew In! With 6 Land Rovers in the garden, my No.1 son can get me anything I need. Spent the evening with Endeavour on TV, did all the major sewing on a new blouse.
currently snowing here - big fluffy flakes and it's settling.

Vert pretty BUT, like you BB I'm afraid of slipping and breaking something (especially now I've been diagnosed with osteoporosis !) However Bertie is sitting at the window quite fascinated :lol: :lol: :lol:
In between sewing, I shall be doing lots of odd jobs and filing. It's a good time to turn out cupboards, go through the wardrobe and chuck away unwanted items (in a bag for the charity shop of course).
When I was younger I used to decorate a room every year, after Christmas, because I hated the cold, it helped get rid of any Christmas excess round the waistline, and meant I didn't have to waste valuable warm weather by doing it in the summer.
My best friend and I were due to go out to celebrate my birthday this week, but we're going to put that off until the Beast from the East has gone.
Bright and sunny here but icy cold, lady in the bank said it was snowing in London.
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