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Feeling depressed

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Marcelle_2207 wrote:
Sun Aug 14, 2022 10:24 am
Yes same here. I find going for a walk helps a little just to clear the head and have some space but don’t know if that’s possible for you.
That and a diary helps me too.
What a lot of lovely thoughtful replies. I'm in an up phase at present but still wake with a feeling of dread every morning. Tidying and cleaning can lift my mood, sense of purpose and achievement. Also finding old topics to read on this site, and posting replies makes me think about my situation instead of burying myself in feeling worthless. As a fairly new member I'm still posting about me but hope I can be supportive of others soon too.... I just thought:
Singing is good, even made up songs about your most dispiriting tasks, eg to the tune of "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"
Music - a great therapist!

I have a very wide range of music on my playlists from classical to upbeat feelgood tunes to blues, indie and rock music, the latter being my mainstay.

Can't beat a bit of AC/DC Highway to Hell as you're sucking a spider up the vacuum :lol:

I dance it all out in the kitchen.

The radio is my kitchen can't live without device!
I set up playlists with the widest variety of music I can manage. I might have the soundtrack of Camelot followed by Welcome to the Jungle and Clair de Lune, or some B.B, King...or any other combination. The variety keeps me on my toes: I can't get bored with it. Better still if I can have my music on while I'm doing a photo repair. Like this one of my mother-in-law as a youngster:
JMA - about 12-13.jpg
This is the original. After a clean up I converted it back to black and white:
JMA - about 12-13a bw.jpg
and then colourised it:
JMA - about 12-13. -coljpg.jpg
It just needs a little work now to tone back the skin tones so she doesn't look like Donald Trump's love child and we're away.
Reading and a coffee as trying to give up alcohol. Also a cuddle with one of the cats. I am not really a walker but going round to get the paper helps as it makes me do my hair and makeup and say hello to the dog walkers.
Does anyone see the "real" us? - No I don't think most people do, maybe because we conceal many of our emotions/feelings ... Maybe my circumstances are different to others, in that I was also born with a largely 'invisible' physical disability, so even now after many decades, I don't own up to, even though I due to an accident, I am now an amputee which obviously I am happy talking about.
However, my partner is disabled and has a learning disability, so I suppose I see things from 2 or three different angles.

I suppose I do occasionally get depressed, but I just don't like showing that I am as it seems to me that this is a sign of 'weakness'. Maybe others do the same as me, it's a defensive coping strategy that I've devised over the decades.
Sam I can relate. Friends describe me as 'bubbly' but have no idea of how every day is a fight not to sink into clinical depression. I do my hair and makeup and appear a bit of a Designer Diva but inside I am so very very fragile. I think many if not most of us put on a brave face because the sad reality is that friends do not understand . I am lucky because I have a couple of friends who have been carers. I do feel for you and I am sure that like most of us you do your best and take it day by day, hour by hour at times