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Feel alone and scared

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Not bothered anymore now
Tracie, how are you feeling?
Am in a very bad place

Done what gp said rang advocate to organise a meeting be around 17th of dec because my gp has gone on holiday for three weeks today so am left to suffer to my advocate what gp said and he said gp was wrong to say there no more options
I thought it sounded wrong what your GP said Tracie. What other options are there that your advocate has offered?
Keep talking to us. Dont forget were all here behind you.
As things have said they will get done and my mh worker has not done these things plus refusing me to see other professionals one refused so asked for a second opinion and she said she would ask but never did made her own mind up and said it was not needed basically been neglected advocate said he will come drs when he back and said we can try and get a re referal
You mentioned you wanted 'all thoughts to stop' - it just occurred to me that you might benefit from meditation, if that is your need. There are non-religious forms of meditation that might help you learn to find calmness within your mind and to slow then still your thoughts. Just an idea - something you might feel like checking out that might help. There might be some place near you that offers meditation groups/classes, otherwise you can find mind-calming/calm-abiding meditation instruction online. Sorry I don't have any other ideas to offer at the moment - I will keep thinking and see if I can come up with something.
Tracie - Sorry I've not been on the forum for a few days. I have been thinking of you tho. Hope your feeling a bit better?
Hi Tracie
Hope you are feeling a little better?
It would be really good if the advocate could go to your doctor with you, but such a shame you have to wait until mid-December. Are there any of those walk-in centres near you?
take care xx
Perhaps the advocate could attend an earlier gp appointment with the locum. I know you don`t feel confident with him/her, but sometimes a new pair of eyes sees the problem in a different way or has alternative solutions.

Our whole practice is run by NHS now with locum doctors, but we have four out of the six who are really good, one who is on another planet and one who refuses any medication. Anyone would think it came out of his own pocket. He told one patient recently her daily chemo for eight days cost six hundred pounds a shot.....thankfully she is cut from the same cloth as me and didn`t miss him......it`s what is keeping her alive.

Thinking of you Tracie.xx
Really not feeling any better sorry not been around today
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