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Feel alone and scared

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Tracie, how are you?
Hope you are OK Tracie. Keep hanging on in there xx
Not good at all
Tracie - Hope you get on ok with the doctor today.
All I know can not go on feeling how I do not even sure why am seeing gp and what I am going to say to gp
You've probebly seen the gp by now Tracie, so I hope he/she's helped you to overcome your fears and problems.
Positive vibes coming your way. Image
Thanks Pete the paint

Was a waste of time told him how bad I am he noted discharge from mh team asked me what I wanted I said head to all thoughts to stop and am just getting lower and lower and can not go on like I am he mentioned med I was on I said not having it because makes me drowsy and came off it and re tried it and same plus with caring role and both having epilepsy was not safe I told him he was the dr and expert he we stuck as been under cmht I asked if he could refer me back he said pointless so now he wants advocate in put so need to contact him on later says other support and gp said she meant mind which been there if she had read notes so all in a nutshell am left feeling like I am with no help or support also told him how not safe I felt and he said can always go A and E I said what to be patronised I said do not think so

So upset and feel so so bad sat here crying
Hi Tracie, sorry your so upset. Bit of a shot in the dark, but could you see a different doctor perhaps? Is there not some sort of emergency help available for you other than going to hospital? - Try and keep going. I'm gonna pop back later and see how you are.
No as hate the other gp and other one is locum as I am not under mh team I can not access support with out of hours option is A and E or call nurse on block which not at that stage I was trying to prevent it
Sorry to hear the Dr didn't sort things out for you - Image I can't really think of anything that would help - but do know that i am thinking of you & hoping things work round soon - HUGS.
91 posts