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Feel alone and scared

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Thanks scally have numbers for the SAMs and text number

I know people who are in the caring role can get down but this is more serious than that I have a mental health illness which is more than just depression
Hi Tracie, just checking to make sure your ok. Ring those numbers if you have to. Hopefully your friend will get back to you at some point tonight. Might be worth ringing G.P. in the morning and see if you can get an earlier appointment. Try and keep going Tracie.
Catch ya later.
That was next appointment with gp on Tuesday
Hi Tracie
You are not alone on here. Hope your friend gets back to you. Try to keep going until you see your GP on Tuesday.
take care xx
Hi Tracie, still give the G.P. a ring tomorrow. They should have some emergency appointments available. Its worth a try.
Would rather see my gp not the locum as locum does not know me and as they different locum to see my gp and as for the other dr do not like him he scares me
Know what you mean about locum doctors and wanting the one you feel at ease with Tracie.
Jill has had mental health issues all her teenage and adult life, so know just how damned hard it can be for you.
Plus your a Carer too and that really drains any of us, no matter how tough we may be, physically or mentally.
Just keep plodding along at your own pace and good luck with the GP on Tuesday.
Do as Scally suggested and ring the Sams if it gets too much. I'm sure a friendly ear will help if you need it. Big ((((((((hugs))))))))) from me too. Image
Hi Tracie, I hope your feeling a bit better today. I'm going to work in a mo, so won't be able to get back on the forum till later on. I'll be thinking of you tho.
I understand what you mean about the Doctor's/locums. Sometimes it's better to stick with who knows you best.
Take care Tracie.
Had a bad night,still not doing good at all.
Hey Tracie, just sending you some virtual hugs, we are all here for you xx
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