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Feel alone and scared

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When will it stop feel so ill
Oh dear Tracie, wish I knew how to make it all go away.
Were all here still, sorry I didn't reply earlier. Been following our daughters depature from Las Palmas on the ARC Rally for Cruisers. Very exciting for us all.
Three and a half weeks at sea, then St Lucia for Christmas.
Alright for some eh?

Sounds lovely Pete

Advocate said not a good idea to see locum with him as locum does not know me although a locum diagnosed ME and fibromyalgia and sent me to specialist to confirm it but hip was not really happy about it
Tracie, are you on any meds for fibro...... Image think that advocate is trying to take you round the cul de sac, if your in pain it needs sorting out now not in three weeks time, I always thought one doc trained same as another, all notes on the computor.... please PM me anytime as I have fibro don't know if I can help but we can have a good moan about it Image , stay warm and take care, sorry got to rush will try and nip on later......
Gp is great specialist dealing with fibro and till she sends permission for gp to deal with meds he will not do anything she going to speak to Nerologist as of epilepsy meds

Still feel alone and scared had voices today keep seeing and hearing things and am losing it yet have to cope alone I do not know what to do
do not know what to do can not go on like this
When you say your alone Tracie, dont you look after your husband/partner? Sorry I forget which, but I know you are a Carer for somebody.
Can they not help you at all? Image
Yes Pete I do it's my husband I care for he very stressed and upset with his dad situation have told him how I feel but tend not to talk to him because he worrys he has epilepsy too and started having fits again so tend to keep things to myself so stop him getting ill
Oh I see, I can understand you doing that. We Carers come second dont we?
You need some real TLC for yourself at the moment. Such a shame theres nobody you can turn to, apart from us all on here of course.
Wish I could think of something more constructive to say. If it gets so bad then you really will have to ring your surgery and demand some help. They HAVE to respond to you, it's their duty of care.

((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))
Thanks Pete

Going to see if can see gp tomorrow or go A and E
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