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Feel alone and scared - Carers UK Forum

Feel alone and scared

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Feel alone and scared feel really unwell
Tracie, stick around on the forum. Sorry your frightened, but you have everybody here to support you. Please don't feel your on your own. I'm gonna pop back later to see how you are.
Take care, Indy.x

Really very depressed
No problem Tracie. Has this feeling come on suddenly, or has it been building for a while? Is there somebody you can call for support?
I know it's hard, but keep going Tracie. Everyone here is with you to help you through.
Sending you a hug and some strength.
I'll be back later. Image
Hi tracie how are you feeling now hope you have seen somebody and that
you are not feeling alone now Or there's me I'm of for my chemo tomorrow
on my own Image , Scared now what scares you is it me Image Image I'm enough to
scare anybody really do hope your feeling a bit better now Take care bodg Image
Hello tracie
Im not much good to you im afraid at the moment but i wanted you to know , you are not alone Image & im hoping you feel a bit better,Juneo
Been like this for a while as for support from professionals have no support from them as they dumped me hubby knows am not good but he also knows because I care for him I will not talk because he will get stressed and start his epilepsy off plus he having award time with his dad and so am I so really am in my own world with no one
Tracie, I understand why you can't talk to hubby, but do you not have a friend you can talk things thru with? Any chance of getting an appointment with the G.P. tomorrow? even if it's just a telephone consultation, just to let them know how your feeling?
Keep posting on the forum if you can. There's always somebody around, and I will be back later to see how your doing. Image
Text a friend a few times no reply am seeing gp on Tuesday at 5pm
So sorry to hear you are feeling low: believe you me it happens to all carers at some point, we just hit a low point and everything seems dark. {{{hugs from me}}} The weather and dark nights don't help, either. I suggest you phone the lovely people at the Samaritans for a good chat and let it all off your chest: they can lend a friendly, non judgemental ear to anyone in distress - and its not just for the suicidal. There are local numbers, too, these are the UK and Irish ones:
UK: 08457 90 90 90
ROI: 1850 60 90 90
Email: jo@samaritans.org
91 posts