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Alzheimers and gardening

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I am hoping someone here can give me some advice. it is loss of cognitive skills that affecting hubby most at this stage of his Alzheimers. Almost everything he touches he either takes to pieces, or breaks, and then cant put back together again. Even a simple action like changing a lightbulb is beyond him at times. Yet he is still so fit and needs be doing activities.

He loves his garden but broken lawnmower twice recently. 2nd time there had not been anything wrong with it but in his mind there was so he stripped parts from it. Plus if I am not here he cannot hook extension up to it when he needs a longer length to reach front garden. I have tried coloured tape etc but not worked.

Can anyone recommend a decent basic lawnmower that he may be able to use with no problems? I have looked online and you can still get some of the old fashioned pushy type ones but no idea if they are any good.

Thank you

wish i had a garden large enough to use this ...


Years since I did any mowing Rosemary, but I know my bro-in-law still prefers his old fashioned manual push & pull one to any of the newer electric models.

In any case I would have thought it would be safer for your OH to use - no cables to run over. If you've got a garden centre near you (or a B&Q store) pay them a visit, explain the problem and ask for advice. Our local garden centre and B&Q both employ older people that you can get good, practical advice from.
i have only ever used the manual push mowers - i used to have a fairly large back yard in aussie - i would say it should be fine - safer than the electric ones with cords for all of us, really. I managed to mow a lawn area circa 25x10 meters with one.... the only problem i found is if you have an uneven lawn - the mower catches on the bumps easier that ones with power....
When hubby was well enough to work an allotment, he had to mow the grass edges. There was no electricity there so he used a mower like this
http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/p ... 304888.htm
Thanks everyone. Gave me some good ideas.

x x

I saw this in the Mail at the weekend and thought of you:

http://www.readersoffers.co.uk/I-A174-G ... -mower.htm

I have no personal experience of it but it looks simple ....
Thanks Anne. We have been given the loan of one similar to that to see if hubby can adjust to it. One of the problems just now is that almost anything he uses, within minutes he thinks there is a problem, means he wants to take it to bits. Then he cant put it back together.

I dont know if this is a common issue re Alzheimers. I am still on a massive learning curve. I have bundles of patience, had to over the years from when our R was born etc. However, even in these early stages with hubby I find days where it is so difficult. He is so fit, so young and yet even now so much he is no longer able to do.