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I don't do Facebook. The forum and emails keep me busy enough. However S's college has a Facebook page and S and I often miss the things that appear on it, including pics of S.

What are the fores and againsts of setting up S a Facebook page?

How can I maximise his privacy and keep him safe as a vulnerable adult? He has good IT skills once things are set up for him.

I signed up because I was fed up with not being able to read links people were giving out on forums, but within a couple of weeks I was researching on line how to undo my FB account (which is no mean feat), constant emails from them and all I did was view a single page.
I'm happy being a dinasaur for now.
I think FB is a bit like having a tattoo- seems a good idea at the time but then it is there forever and you might wish you hadn't shared something.
The trick to facebook is to go into settings and opt out of everything apart from on facebook notifications. That way you don't get all of the annoying emails, stuff does not get posted to your wall unless you agree to it, and people can not find your page through google searches. It is pretty easy to do - you just go to the little padlock icon, select more settings from the bottom of the drop down box, then work your way top to bottom on the left hand side of the screen, adjusting the settings to the level of access you want as you go. It does take a bit of time, but is worth it.
Henrietta, sounds stressful!

So Steph,
To clarify, if I set him up a page and followed your instructions only people who we know and invited would be able to view his page? Does he need an email address to set up a facebook page?

Yes Melly - you can lock it down tight so only the people you want to can see photographs and the like. You do need an email address, as that becomes your login ID x
This seems like a pretty good guide to locking it down

http://facecrooks.com/Internet-Safety-P ... rity.html/
Thank you Steph, will read up on it.

I love Facebook. For example, the hotel where I stay has a page, all the regular guests say what they've done on visits, encourage newbies to go and have some fun and sunshine, etc. Melly, I'd suggest that you sign up to start with, join a few things, see how it works. Then ask here if you meet any stumbling blocks. Then when you sign S up, you will have some practical knowledge yourself.
I don't really have the time for Facebook, BB. Emails and the forum are really all I can fit it in. I spend enough time on the internet as it is. I suppose I could have an account, but not have anything on it? When I'm back at school I have a lot less time than I do now.

I think once I'd set the controls as Steph suggested, S and I could set his up. We could do it together during the school and college hols as a joint project. He may or may not be interested, so once he knew the basics it would be up to him. He loves making power points about things that interest him, so I'm guessing he could add links to YouTube clips and download (or is it upload?!) pics he likes, recipes etc

I only spend about 5 mins a day on average, mainly reading other comments, looking at pkctures of my town in days gone by, etc. I like reminders of local events, birth announcements etc. The steam crowd use it a lot for events. If you sign up, you will be able to find me easily under my real name. I'll sign you up as a "friend"and you can see how I use it.