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Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
what is face book? how does it work? how do you get on it? does it cost anythingand what is point of it.? sil says time we updated. do i want to dont know enough yet. any help would be appreciated as can tell not into high tec stuff
Face book is a social network site. It's free, just search for facebook, sign up and there you go.
All you need then is some friends to talk to on it! Image Image
I'm on facebook, it's interesting keeping up with what everyone else is doing but I don't put much on about my own activities. It doesn't cost anything, and I'm "friends" with a few shows etc. (we have a lot of vintage machinery). I'd suggest that you find someone to show you their own facebook entries, so you could get an idea of it. Just be careful about your security settings, and don't put too much personal stuff on there.
I much prefer Twitter. Image
I used to be on Facebook but am no longer on there.
It used to be really good when it first came out as everyone was posting information on there but now after so many years like most things these days people are losing interest.
I heard the other day that over 60000 people had stopped their Facebook due to privacy concerns etc., last year, you have to be quite computer savvy to sort out the settings otherwise things can go haywire.
I have gone back to emails and is a lot more convenient for me, I did try Twitter but couldn't get the hang of it and cancelled it after 2 weeks - what is the point of it as I didn't know who to follow, I am 55 and know my way round a computer but that was just pointless lol.
Good luck with it.
thanks for advice. have decided to stick to what i know emails will just have to do. not as if sil doesnt have computer. doing what best for me. makes a change. less hassel all round think convinced myself
Facebook is completely free and theres so much you can do on there from a simple chatting session with someone to playing games.Be aware though some of the games are very addictive as ive found out in the past lol.Its a great way to keep in touch with freinds though.Be careful what info you share on there as you never know who will have access to it or what they would do with that info.You can make your profile private so only your friends can read what you put etc.
I did try Twitter but couldn't get the hang of it and cancelled it after 2 weeks - what is the point of it as I didn't know who to follow
I guess it can vary with what people might want to use it for but for me, it's fantastic and a lifeline. Being profoundly deaf and unable to use a telephone, I have been able to use Twitter to report problems to companies and even complain to some companies about their services. I've also received help from companies. Companies such as BT, Sky, Tesco, Asda - even local shops. Just about everyone are on Twitter.
All did was to start by putting my local village into the search at the top to find out who is on Twitter in my village. Then I searched my town and then my county. It's amazing who you can find of interest to follow in your own local area, including your own local police. The local bobbies often Tweet reports. The local council too. You can even follow the NHS, nearest hospitals, fire service, Royal Mail, weather reports, road gritting reports, various newspapers, BBC, ITV and much, much more. It's a great source of local and national news and information, especially when used on a Smartphone.
Even CarersUK are on Twitter. Image
Gary you made Twitter sound really interesting I didn't realise how helpful it could be. My DD only uses it to chase the latest celeb she has a fad on Image
From whose with who,when where and what they ate wore and think,if some ever bother to think at all that is,political views,religous views,views on wine,gardening,cheese etc etc,all things really are shared "liked" or disliked on Facebook.I enjoy it.It has the fun,the weird the wacky and the downright nutty living on it.A case in point.

I encountered a dude who had a big chip on his Shoulder about President Obama.This facebook dude asserted that there were doubts over the presidents nationality etc.Now,I have no problem with anyone having differences with anyones political views,policies etc,and putting forward their own ideas on policy etc.BUT someone who hits low and tries to undermine anyone on the grounds of just nasty rubbish,which,i felt,was a mask for plain old racism,cuts no ice with me.Anyway,I made the point that smurfs,themselves a much misunderstood lot,are similarly oppressed due to being Norwegian,or is it because they are blue too?.Anyway,this dude had no sense of the satirical or humor,so he de-friended me.My point is Facebook has all the human viewpoints under the sun on it.Great fun too.